Thursday, March 26, 2009


I enrolled Greta in a "Tumbleweeds" gymnastics class this term( thanks Erin) to help beat the Winter blues and give her some one on one time with mommy. She LOVED it! and so did I watching her run around and climb on everything and make a few new little friends! It was a great class where they basically got to do whatever they wanted with adult supervision, and Greta loved her teacher a lot! It's over now, but here's a few pics from her last class!
Hiding under the "Rainbow" waiting for class to start!

She was a champ on the rings, and she loves to hang on everything and lift her legs as high as possible( seen here)
She also loved the trampoline mostly due to lots of practice on our bed

She got quite brave by the end of the term and even did the small balance beam all by herself

Just running away from me as usual

showing her "special paper" of achievement

She looks a bit Bi-polar in these last pics!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

snow white

I eavesdropped on Greta flipping through her Snow White book today and "reading " her version of the story... here's how it went.

"Once upon a time there was a girl with black hair and even though she was a princess her stepmother treated her like a pervert."

The book says "servant."

too funny. it would be quite a different story if it started out like that.

Monday, March 16, 2009

take my breath away....

okay, I was cleaning up some computer files today and deleting some old pics etc. and I stumbled upon an un-labled file from last year so i clicked on it and immediately gasped outloud... here's why...
***warning the following images are disturbing and contain nudity...viewer discresion is see better click on the photo***

Greta had a few weird looking red marks on her leg one night...innocent enough..

by the morning she had began to swell up everywhere with hives and look like Quasimodo

an hour or so later they were all over her back

then they were everywhere and I began to freak out...

nice bum.. ha

after i took these pics she said her tongue felt funny and we noticed the inside of her mouth and lips were beginning to swell really bad.... so we went to emerg and NOBODY there could figure out what was going on, it wasn't anaphalaxis , wasnt an allergy, wasnt anything. the pediatrician said it was some sort of crazy virus. i thought she was gonna die seriously, she looked SO bad by the time we got there, the only ray of hope i had was that she was acting totally normal. not even a fever, she was running around, talking to the nurses and other sick people, who most likely thought she was a leper or something. and so in the end they Gave greta some major prednazone and sent us home.

the hives began to dissapear the next day and never came back again.. weird. but definatly one of the scariest moments with our little girl. i though it should be documented.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh What do you do when its cold outside?

So I'm not sure if its just me, but I've been losing my mind staying indoors basically for 2 weeks. Between nasty colds for all of us, and ridiculous weather its been brutal to say the least. But the ray of sunshine is watching Greta develop her little imagination around the house, and learning to play so good by herself and actually have fun! A few moments were captured on film of our 2 weeks of House Arrest.

Dressing up in EVERY costume...even ones that are for 6-12 month babies.

This is "Sid the Treasure Hunter" (no idea where she got the name)who walks around the house looking for "treasures" that will fit into that tiny money, hairclips, fruit snacks, beads, you name it. She has become quite the hoarder.

This one's called "How many toys can we put on Ozzie's face before he gets totally annoyed?" Greta thought it was too! poor little guy.

Dick was left in charge and turned Gretas bed rails into " Auroras Castle" by making a canopy over her bed. She loves it, and pretends to prick her finger on a spindle and fall into a deep deep sleep everynight.

She got into my primary stuff and came running out proclaiming " I'm Build the Bobber"

And the hoarding continued as she set up a " Picnic" for Ozzie and I strategically lining up everything she could get her little hands on, and offering us "Strawberry shortcake milk and celery...cause its a healthy snack."

good times...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

new perspective

So this past while I've been a bit edgy and complaining about silly things in life, and thats SO not my normal nature. I hate it. I blame most of it on sleep deprivation which has driven me to the edge of reason numerous times over the past months. But its nice to have those moments in life that give you that new perspective you need to get by. today was one of those days...

i got to sleep from 6 until 8:00 after being up most of the night with both kids, Dick stayed home with them while I was able to go to stake conference . great talks, felt some strong impressions that are sometimes hard to feel at church when you're trying to "tame" the beasts. then i came home, played with my kids, made banana muffins, watched a video on the prophet, had dinner made FOR me by my oh so kind babe, talked to my family on the phone, and finished off the night listening to Ozzie laugh hysterically at Greta making silly noises and having the best time. and as I watched them interact and laughed with them I thought about how my day COULD have gone IF...

i didn't have a kind supportive husband
i didn't have the gospel of Jesus Christ
i had to go to work instead of stay home with my kids
i didn't have good food to eat and a warm place to eat it
i didn't have a great family who loves me and prays for me everyday
i wasn't blessed to have to 2 sweetest kids in the whole world

i have absolutely NOTHING to complain about, and when I think of something, I want to remember how I felt today. i'm so grateful for today.