Saturday, May 8, 2010

Joy School

What can I say about 3 year old Joy School? It. was. Fabulous. I knew at the beginning of the year i wanted Greta to be involved with something but not actual school because I didnt want her away from the house to much. the solution....Joy School. We had such a fun year, and the kids were all so good, and the moms even better, and Greta loved every second of it. Greta learned hw to zip her coat better than me, and write her name with a capitol E in the middle...(grrrrrr) she learned how to be so so silly, and how to make believe like a pro, how to give service to others and all in all be a wonderful 3 year old.

We had Joy School "grad" a little early because we had to leave saskie so soon and the kids each did a talent for the talent show, sang some joy school songs and looked darling in their grad caps! I wish i could transport all the moms and kids here to Lethbridge so we could do round 2!

After we were finished Greta kept saying to everyone, i passed all my classes at school, i'm a big girl like daddy! So cute. Thanks to eveyone for the great year, here's a few highlights!

Excuse my hideousness in this pic, but i love how ozzie had to be close by too.

Greta and Halle became really good friends this year, i`m tearing up just thinking about not seeing them together anymore
the grads

my sweet, proud, growing up little girl, love this pic so much