Sunday, July 19, 2009


After all the crappy weather we've been having, we finally had some nice days and have been busy spending time out of our sauna of a house and in the WATER...all varieties!

I really love Saskatoon in the summer, there's a lot of fun things for kids to do, and beautiful places to walk and go that are really close to home. If it was only more than 2 months long, and winter wasn't the death of life you might convince me to stay here:) Anyways, when we lived downtown we frequented Kinsmen park with Greta all the time, and she loves to go down there and play in the pool and go on the rides. Even though we live further from it now, we still make our way there whenever we get the chance!

It was a little bit cold at 11 am!

Greta and her "boys" Elias and Jost running to the deep end

Laura and Owen getting in on the action

Maybe Jost is peeing here? i'm not sure. But i like this pic.

We chilled in the backyard swimming pool set up thanks to Dick. Greta went down her own personal "waterslide" a million times and Ozzie loved being in his own little pool and splashing and dunking his fingers in the water and sucking them!

We filled up some water balloons and Greta called them her baby whoopies and would pretend to cry whenever one broke. She even wrapped them in a towel and put them to sleep.

Another thing I LOVE is living so close to a million spray parks, Greta has her pick of which one she likes the best and she even has started making some little new friends there! I overheard her conversation with this little girl....
Greta: Hi, I'm Greta
Girl: Hi (no introduction)
Greta: I'm a big girl and you're a big girl do you want to play?
Girl: (No comment but starts running and greta starts chasing her)
Girl: This is my sister(pointing to her sister... still no name)
Greta: I have a brother and his name is Ozzie and he's so fast and we play around all the time

Last, we spent saturday out at Pike Lake, only a quick 30 min drive and they have a beach but we opted for the cleaner, outdoor pool and waterslide and had a great time with the Coopers and Bakers! There are way too many pics to post, but I'll put the rest on facebook! Greta tried out her flippers and did pretty good actually, and Ozzie was lovin life in the baby floating device! Heaven

Elias in his snorkle gear...probably the funniest hing i've ever seen!

A rare shot of mommy

Good seems like summer is going by WAY too fast though! I love having Dick at home, school is way overrated:) Better live it up while we have the chance!