Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Recently, Oprah did a show on driving while cell phone talking/texting and its harmful effects. I don't like Op and usually and never watch her, but the re-run was on today, so i watched a bit to help aid in my packing procrastination. It was pretty brutal, showing numerous totally preventable deaths that occured from texting while behind the wheel. so sad.

Off topic...you know when you're pregnant(which i'm SOOOO not) and it seems like everywhere you go ALL you notice is pregnant women. It seems like they come out of nowhere and are EVERYWHERE you look? But really, its just you noticing them more because you're in the same boat.
anyways, thats me and vehicles right now. I've never been one to notice a sweet ride, or check out a make or model of a vehicle EVER in my life. But now that we're looking for one, i CANT stop. I'm constantly twisting my head around, looking over my shoulder, peeping tom into peoples vehicles to check out the interior and I can't help but notice the make , size, color, of every nice vehicle i see. I just cant help it.

So today, i'm driving Greta to ballet and i'm at a red light waiting to turn left. At the adjacent light is a super nice black, SUV-ish, toyota, something or other and i wanted to know what it was. My light turns green, i have a turning arrow, i proceed, crank my neck, and JUST about ram right into the stinking light post. seriously, i swerved hard, and missed it by an inch. what an idiot.

right after i thought to myself, good thing i wasn't on my phone at the same time. we would have been toast. we just need to hurry up and get a vehicle so i can be distracted by something else more safe.

and the worst of it is, I STILL don't know what that toyota was.