Sunday, January 17, 2010


it has been ridonkulously warm here this January, and all i have to say is HALLELUIA! I can count on one hand the times we've been able to play out in the snow here since we moved here 6 years ago, so needless to say we've been trying to take advantage of the global warming:) I was sick with some weird crazy virus this week, but we did venture out in the yard a couple times.

Ozzie wasn't overly thrilled about the snow blocking his path to the slide, but he enjoyed being outside none the less.

Greta was lovin it, going down the slide a billion times and making a stick garden with all of the twigs that fell off the neighbors tree.
and of course they both enjoyed a ride in the car! ( best outdoor toy ever)

Dick went out with greta on friday and began our first snowman ever. we learned from the death of the Cahoon snowman (RIP), and decided to make ours in the back yard instead. It was a bit of a process, and then we had to go somewhere, so we left him without a head. when we came outside on saturday to finish making frosty it was too cold to make snowman heads so this is what we ended up with...

nacho libre-man? i dunno, but it was all we had.

i like this pic
not sure why ozzie has 2 touques on and looks very cone head-ish

little miss greta looking disheveled and cute as per usual:)

all in all it was good times, except for an ozzie face plant in the icy hard snow bank, but i sure hope this weather continues, maybe we'll get to use our toboggans yet!