Sunday, April 17, 2011

The BIG 3-0!!

Richard turned 30 this Saturday, and I wanted to make it really special for him!
The preparations actually started months ago when i tried to decide what to get him for a gift. I don't know about YOUR husbands, but mine tends to always want semi-expensive technological devices, and just orders them for himself and says, that can be his birthday present. ANNOYING! So i wasn't about to let that happen this time. I banned him from buying or ordering anything, and started to think. I really wanted to surprise him with a little man-trip somewhere just to get away from windy lethbridge, and give him some time off from work/ family/ church pressures for just a little while. So after considering many options, I decided the best thing would be a Golf vacation to Vancouver where he could see his family a little, golf with some good friends, and enjoy a change of scenery that wouldn't cost a fortune!

Anyways, so with those plans more or less taken care of, I helped the kids make some cards, and we delivered cupcakes to his office staff, and balloons, and lunch on the day before his actual birthday. The kids were so cute and excited to pick out a special balloon from each of them. Ozzie picked one with cars on it, and Greta picked blue stars because daddy likes blue the best. They were so excited to deliver everything and i loved seeing their little faces light up when they get to do service!

Saturday was his actual birthday, so I got up and made waffles, which for a never make anything-other-than-toast-or-cereal-for-breakfast type of mom was a big deal. And he does LOVE waffles! Then after opening a few small gifts, and looking out the window at the ridiculous snow storm we stayed low for most of the morning and enjoyed playing the Michael Jackson experience game for the Kinnect. Dick is a huge MJ fan, and is pretty stellar at the game already, even though it's super hard. good gift from the kids:)
Waiting patiently for the waffles to be ready

Present time

We spent the afternoon out at the Childrens festival, which for Lethbridge was pretty good. I was actually shocked they even had anything like this here, (it was the first time) but the kids had a good time. they had baby chicks and bunnies as part of the petting zoo which ozzie was thrilled about and has been asking to see. And Greta was mesmerized by the dog show, she couldnt believe that dogs could jump over things so fast and run through tunnels, and do so many tricks. it was pretty sweet.
Ready to go out into the blizzard
My mom came over to babysit at night and we were able to go out to eat with some good friends and family at a new restaurant called PLUM. It was fun to get out and try somewhere new, without kids spilling on you, or eating all of your food(ozzie) or asking to go pee a million times in the nice bathrooms(greta). Oh and they had a mars cheesecake that was heaven in my mouth. just sayin.
Finally to round out the three day event, i made some DELISH birthday cupcakes that we took over to my moms for dinner tonite, and we were able to have cake and chill with my whole family.

Phewf...i'm tired. But it was all worth it to say happy Birthday to the best Husband and father a girl could ask for. I love you babe. Happy,Happy,Birthday!!!