Wednesday, March 24, 2010

1 year and 1 half

i've been meaning to post this forever and haven't got around to it until today. my big big baby is 18 months old and turning into a big big boy. how is it possible that he could be 18 months old already? i mean seriously, it seems like 2 seconds ago he looked like this:

wow, so scary huge. a good reminder for me.

And then about 2 weeks after that he looked like this:
and then somewhere between that time and now i blinked and we have exhibit Oz)

Ozzie and his "buddy". A term greta actually came up with that has stuck around our house. Ozzie is the epitome of an 18 month boy. Hitting, throwing, playing with cars and above all BALLS!!! He is obsessed. All i hear all day is "Bah , Bahh? Bah." But apart from the usual, he is really anything but. This kid has a definite mind and personality all of his own.

-He WILL NOT eat anything anymore if i try and spoon feed it to him. He's actually really good at it doing it himself, Bowls of cereal, soup, pasta, applesauce. you name it.
- He loves to dance more than pretty much doing anything else. And when he does, he thinks it requires a tutu to be sucessful

- He loves to leave the house and go out. He'll bring me his coat and shoes the minute i say "go" and also loves to walk everywhere. If i try and carry him, he'll arch his back until he's won that game, simply because i cannot carry his squirmy body weight anymore
- His favorite foods right now are: mini cucumbers (all to himself of course), entire apples(skin on), grapes, juice boxes, and tomato oregano chicken on rice.
- I recently attempted taking his bottle away and it was a no go. he WILL NOT drink any milk unless its in his bottle. it doesnt matter how cute, or bottle-ish a sippy cup is, he wont touch it unless its in his "Ba"
- he loves to climb on everything, but it pretty cautious which is nice, so he'll go down backwards off of things instead of try going head first. Hes also been attempting to jump, which is hilarious, and playing tag with greta.

- He will mostly try to say anything i ask him to, but so far he can say: mama, dada, greta, ball, apple, water, buddy, birdie, moo, meow, grandma, no, and how could i forget "Yah" for yes. If i say ozzie do you want ______? and if he does he'll give a resounding "yah". so cute. he also signs a bit: the usuals are more, please, sorry, and milk
-He love to play hide and seek with me and greta, and he always hides behind the patio curtains. but he sits there and be's so quiet and cute. and when we find him he gets so excited and says, "BO" instead of boo. haha, i really need to get that on video.

Oz, you are the sweetest boy when you want to be. and the things i love about you most are your sweet hugs in the morning with pats on my back, your jiggly thighs and cheeks when you run down the hallway, your open mouth surprized face for anything exciting, and how you try to say "love you" at bed time to me. it melts my heart. oh and how could i ever forget your dance moves? love you bud.

(** i had more pics to post but they aren't working, so oh well)