Tuesday, January 10, 2012

half a year

i havent posted about hazel is awhile. First back to school, then getting ready for Christmas and mexico, and all of the sudden it's january and she's already 6 months old! i can NOT believe it! here's what i know about Hazel at 6 months.
- she is seriously the BEST sleeper ever. from 1 month old until we left for mexico, she slept EVERY night from 10 to 6 at least, and in the past month from 9:30-9. no eating in the night, no fussing, not a PEEP! it was seriously amazing. i kept thinking, is it humanly possible for her to sleep that well? is she eating enough? maybe i should wake her up? but, no. she just likes to sleep.
- she has 2 teeth now, they just popped up last week while we were in mexico. so cute and tiny, and jagged. she didn't seem to fuss about them too much, woke up a couple times in the night while we were there, but thats it.
- Hazel loves to eat, but not like my other kids. they LIVEd to eat, especially ozzie. Hazel jsut enjoys herself, eats slow, and when she's done, she's done. She will NOT however take a bottle of any variety, which is getting a little annoying i must say. but whatever, i figure you only get that special time with your baby for 9 months or so and then its over, so i better enjoy it!
-She loves her bother and sister a lot. especially greta. she will laugh at pretty much everything greta does. even the super annoying things like when she's playing dog ALL day long. but its really cute how hazel watches her every move, and even likes it when greta picks her up and totes her around the house.
-she loves to roll from her tummy to her back, but wont roll the other way yet. and she's totally into biting and drooling all over everything she can get her hands on thanks to those new teeth
Other than that, Hazel is basically the sweetest, happiest, baby around. i am so blessed for such a special spirit to be part of our family. I remember when i was waiting for ozzie to be born, worrying so much that i wouldnt love him as much as greta, and the same when hazel came around. it's amazing to me that you can love your kids each SO much in such different and individual ways. Hazel makes me feel calm, and happy, and her gummy little smile melts my heart, daily. Love you Hazel Felisa:)

oh and here's all the kids at 6 months