Wednesday, November 23, 2011

this 3 year old boy

late late late. forgetful forgetful. tired tired. this is the story of my life these days. i NEED to get back to the gym or something to give me some energy and a boost! In spite of this fact, i needed to blog about my little ozzie tonite.
It just seems that since Hazel has been born he has changed SO much and has become such a big boy and it honestly breaks my heart a little cause HE was my baby not so long ago.
Ozzie turned 3 in September, yes, that was almost 3 months ago, i know. but i'm blogging about it today. The weather on his birthday was predicted to be amazing so we planned for an outdoor end of the summer BBQ/party with friends at henderson. It was an amazing night, 30 degrees on Sept 10, NEVER happened in saskatoon let me tell ya. Ozzie wanted to have a Spiderman party, so i obliged of course. It was really fun, and we rented a train astrojump that was a huge hit for all of the kids! On the menu: BBQ deluxe with daddy's special chicken, hotdogs and terriaki chicken pineapple skewers and lots of yummy salads! Ozzie ate mostly vegetables as per usual. I just cant get over how well this child eats, and how MUCH he eats. it is insane.
He did however make me happy and partook of his first birthday cupcake ever! I made the coolest spiderman cucpcakes and he just had to try them. I would show a picture of them, but i got distracted by something just when i was going to take one, and then never remembered to do it later:( but they were awesome!
Ozzie got spioled with gifts, lots of cool new puzzles which his is totally into these days, a new red firetruck that shoots water, an insane green gun that he loves but drives me crazy, and lots of other great things! All in all it was a great day with friends for my big boy!
Potty Time
I contemplated whether or not to potty train ozzie before or after Hazel was born. Boy am i glad i waited until after. Ozzie had it in his mind that when he turned 3 he was a big boy, and was going to use the potty. So even though he was ready earlier than that, i thought i might as well wait till that day arrived and then get rid of the diapers completely and go from there.
So we did the Potty Boot camp right after his birthday and it worked amazingly well! Every day i thought to myself, "could it possibly be THIS easy?" He was peeing like a champ on day one, no prob, he even poo'd on the first day and was SO proud of himself! We hit a bit of a wall a few days later with the number 2 buisiness, but he figured it all out after i bribed him with a new ninja turtles movie! Every night i put him in pull ups because that's what i did with greta, but he never not once, pee'd at night. Dry every morning. i was shocked! So now he's rockin the undies, and has yet to have even one accident, go Ozzie!
Life at home
Since Greta started kindergarten ozzie has really wanted to go to school as well. I did Joy school with greta at 3 but i have had a difficult time getting enough time or energy to pull anything together for ozzie this year. He has been taking gymnastics with ben and briggs which has been so good for him and fun, so he has his own special class. and every day he asks, "Mommy is it gymnastics today?" He really loves it, and is getting more brave and some of the scarier stuff like balance beam and jumping of the high level into the foam pit! its his last class this week so i should take some pics i guess.
Ozzie loves coloring i think because Greta does. He's actually staying in the lines better and not scribbling so much and always asks me what letter "Batman" starts with. I say "B" and then he keeps coloring.
He has started playing pretend with his "Guys" as he calls them. Like batman, spiderman, or any other toy guy that can stand up on its own. its really cute to see him use his imagination, he can play for a whole hour sometimes by himself, which is really nice:)
And i know i already mentioned this, but Ozzie can out eat pretty much anyone in the family. His favorites these days, are cantalope and honeydew, toast with butter, "bunny carrots" which are just any big carrot, meat sticks, boiled eggs( whites only), and hawaiian haystacks. when he is a teenager, i am in big trouble.
Mama's boy
This is actually an understatement. I'm not sure if it's because he's not the baby anymore, or separation anxiety or something? but Ozzie wants to be with me ALL the time. He wants me to put on his clothes, turn on the light, find his blankies etc etc, when normally he would do all of these things on his own. i roll with it most of the time just to not cause drama. But it has gotten so bad that i had to come home one night from something becaus ehe would not let Dick put him to bed and was bawling his eyes out. I get frustrated by it at times, but i looks at it this way, he wont always need me SO much or want me SO much, and so i better enjoy my time with my little guy while i can.
Ozzie and I have a special bond, not sure what it is? maybe its our oversized alien heads, but i am so greatful for this boy. He is so sweet, and kind, and always the first to appologise, and says the cutest things that you want to kiss his face off. and at other times so stubborn, and determined to get his way that you want to do the opposite... whatever that is.
also, he has got his daddys natural hair curl, and deep brown eyes and it is the cutest thing of my life! gonna break some hearts some day for sure. love you Oz man!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

its been awhile

i find its hard once you havent blogged in awhile, to start back up. so daunting. like that pile of clean laundry that sat in the bin so long unfolded, that it becomes impossible to fold. so you just use all of the stuff in the bin, un-folded and start all over again........anyone? ok. well, maybe thats just me. but even though a million and one things have happened since the last time i posted anything, i wont attempt a complete catch up.

let's just start with greta.

First day of school!!! she was sick the day before but HAD to go!
My all grown up girl started kindergarten not long ago. and i've read all of these posts about moms being so sad seeing their kids go off to school, and must admit i felt a bit guilty. i wasn't sad really at all. you see my dear sweet greta joy has been ready to go to school for some time now. she is much too much like her mommy, and is wanting to go go go all day long. so school for her has been fantastic so far. She was a bit nervous about making friends, but she actually knows quite a few kids in her class already, so that helped a lot. now, she barely says goodbye when she heads out the door. She was glued to me when i came for snack day, but it was really fun to see her interact with her teacher and chat with her little friends. I guess maybe i wasn't so sad to see her start school because as a teacher i know all of the fun things and learning that can take place, and i was jsut excited for her to experience it.

OR maybe i'm just glad to have a break in the afternoons? or both? now we're a few months into school and i can not believe how quickly greta is learning all her sounds and sounding out and writing so many words all by herself. yesterday she sounded out skeleton all by herself as "skeliton" which is pretty darn close. she'll be reading in no time!

Greta ran the pumpkin run this year again, and she did really well. i ran with her and it was a good thing because she would have never made it otherwise. her shoes were a wee bit too tight and she complained about them the whole time! but i was proud she finished well, and did her own little sprint to the finish line! and of course got her little pumpkin:) the highlight for her actually was FINALLY getting to see one of her best friends from saskatoon miss Halle again. they were darling and a little shy at first, they we caught them sneaking off together to "catch up" we will have to do it again very soon. and i'm so sad we didnt get a pic of them together:(
with her cousins and super red faces after the race! it was HOT!!
she is a very good big sister too, for the most part. she LOVES hazel and is so sweet with her and loves to entertain and dance for her and make silly sounds etc. Hazel full on belly laughs for only greta, so cute. and as far as ozzie goes, they really are best buds. they hug everytime she leaves or comes home from school. and in the morning whoever wakes up first has the other one come snuggle in their bed, and i overheard them playing "I spy" the other morning in their pitch black room. hilarious!
now i'm not gonna lie. there are days, "like today" for example. where i have issues with my little 5 year old. she honestly talks like she is 15, and she is so picky about her clothes/hair etc. she loves to postpone anything i ask her to do so she can finish something on her own agenda. mostly usual kid stuff. but she really pushes my buttons, and i'm TRYING to have patience and remember she is only 5. but some days, it. is. hard.

recently we had out family pictures done by one of my good friends from high school. he does an amazing job, and he put almost all the pics on the disc so we could jsut see the funny ones of the kids playing etc, and well as the good ones. anyways, amongst some of the outtakes we found a striking genetic similarity, that we were not previously aware of. check these two out.

we. were. DYING!!! love this girl so much, who looks like daddy but acts like me:))

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Hazel is a 3 weeks old now, and is so rad. just sayin. but it is always an adjustment when there's a new baby around. some things i forgot about having a newborn:

- how much time you spend parked on your butt nursing. and how much more difficult it is to do that with kids whining or fighting or needing things at the same time you feed the baby

- how DONE i am with changing not one, but TWO sets of diapers. operation potty train Ozzie will commence VERY soon. i can not stand it.

-how big your other kids seem with a teeny little baby in your arms. time goes by SO fast! Hazel already is plumping up, and doesn't fit newborn diapers, and is losing her hair, and i've even had to put away a couple of outfits already...sniff sniff.
- how much more attention your other kids want. ozzie wants me to do everything for him, where-as usually before Hazel was around he would settle for daddy to do things for him or by himself. he's a teeny bit jealous i think. and greta has decided she is an adult now, and is taking showers, and brushing her teeth all by herself, and has the attitude of a teenager. great.

-how GOOD little babies smell. even when they barf all over themselves( which is often) they still smell so good. if i could drink that smell i would.
-The last on my list was going to be how tired you are. and dont get me wrong, i AM tired. but for some reason, maybe summer time? maybe better recovery? maybe not having a husband in school? i feel less tired that with my other two kids. thank GOODNESS! i was a zombie for like 6 months with ozzie, and so i'm grateful for sleep. so grateful.

In other news, we've been having fun weekend get aways seeing as we're a little bit strapped to the house. From stinky Park lake, to waterton, to the raymond pool, it's been fun! Glad Dick has the weekends off, makes it so nice.
and last, i have to document a conversation i had with my Greta this week:

G: Mom, i just dont know who i should marry...i think Tyce for sure, but then that boy Dillan from the water slides was really fun and wanted to marry me too. Who should i choose?

M: well i wouldnt worry about it too much Greta, you're still very young and wont have to think about that for a long time

after a short pause

G: Well... someones gonna be disappointed.

holy cow. i'm in trouble with that girl. but at least no one can ever say my kids lack in the self esteem department:)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

and baby makes 5

I can't believe there are 5 people in our family now. i look back when we are driving in the van and i'm surprised to see most of the seats filled. it's weird to me, i seriously feel like i'm not old enough to have, a husband, an education, a house, a mini van, and now 3 kids. i swear, it seems like last week that i was in high school and my biggest life concerns were what i was going to wear each day, and what songs were playing in my sweet 1984 camero. ANYWAYS.... nostalgia aside, here's the baby story of Hazel, it needs to be documented.

So my due date was July 12th, and seeing as i've never been early before, actually overdue both times, i figured Dick and I were safe heading to Calgary on the 8th to go see Wicked and enjoy some time alone together! In hindsight, probably not the best idea. So we left on Friday afternoon, did a little shopping, had dinner with geoff an nicki and went to the show. It. Was. Awesome. I first saw Wicked in New York and so i was anticipating it to be good, but not quite as good as in new york. but actually, it was quite comparable, and Dick really liked it too! We had a great time, and i was very un comfortable sitting for so long at that point, but not feeling anything out of the ordinary.

So we left to go to our hotel, with a quick stop in at Peter's Drive in for milk shakes on the way. The plan was to sleep over and head out glasses shopping in the morning before we went back home. A half hour after we checked into the Sheraton... 1am, first contraction. I knew it was a real one immediately because i could feel it in my back, not just my tummy. I didn't say anything to Dick because i knew if i did he wouldnt sleep at all, and i thought they'd probably just go away cause they seemed pretty weak.
1:10 am- next contraction....crap.
So i used my trusty little iphone app to time the contractions and they were staying withing the 10-12 min apart range. so while i layed there i started stressing...what if we have to go to the hospital in calgary? which one do i go to? where is it? who would deliver me? what about my mom, could she babysit longer? i think Jill has an uncle thats a Dr. in calgary, should i call him? etc. etc. etc. needless to say it was a LONG sleepless night amidst contractions.
Finally i decided that if the contractions hadn't gotten any closer together by 5:30 am, that we would take our chances and head back home. a decision that was definitely inspired. And so we left the hotel about 6 am, and drove back to lethbridge. scary. i was really worried this was gonna be one of those-side of the road- born in the back of the van-with only the cows as your witness- types of birth stories. THANKFULLY, that wasn't the case. After dick pulled out all of his nose hairs to stay awake driving home(literally), we made it back to our house and chilled for a bit until things progressed further. Phewf!!!

About 10:30am the contractions we're getting embarrassing and scary to the kids at home so we left for the hospital to make sure everything was ok, and hopefully get admitted. After they checked me in, and checked me out, i was still only 2 cm dilated. SERIOUSLY??!! i was so annoyed, it had been a really long night and morning already, but the nurse said to go for a walk and she'd check me in an hour. sure, sure. so i tried to walk, but honestly thought i was going to pass out everytime i had a contraction, so i ended back in my bed to tough it out. and thats what i did. the nurse kept saying when she looked at the monitor, "Wow, thats a big one" or "those are some fierce looking contractions." I was like, thanks tips. super helpful. Anyways, within about a half hour i was DYING, and begged to be checked again and get an epidural so i could have a break. My Dr. was not on call because it was a saturday, so i had a new Dr. with the DRYEST personality, but i was just happy that anyone would check me and get me out of this pain. Sure enough, i had gone from 2 cm to 7cm really fast and they said i could get an epidural...YEAH!!!!!!

so my IV was in, blood work done, just waiting for the anesthesiologist...who they were paging, and paging, and paging, and never showed up. turns out that when there is only one availiable in the entire hospital, he's a pretty busy guy. Dumb. stupid lethbridge. with all the mormons and hudderites around here having babies, you'd think they could get another Dr. for the maternity wing. Well, as soon as i came to terms that i was going to have to do this au-natural, i lost it. I said to Dick, "i CANT do this!" i'm sure a million times, or maybe like 3 times, but still. I was terrified. and the new 'bad personality' doctor i had been dealt, made me super paranoid about rupturing my uterus because i was having a V-bac, and actually seemed bored with the whole process. like i needed to hear this now, when i'm right in the middle of labor. So, they decided to give me some morphine which did nothing for pain and just made me completely out of it, and i began to push. Like i said, the morphine made me so tired and delirious that i could barely hear any of the coaching from the dr. or nurses, but after about a half hour of horror, i was with it enough to make out the words "It's a Girl!!!"
I was SO happy she was here, and safe, and crying, and i was SO happy those flippin contractions were over. seriously. death.

The aftermath of having a baby is never fun. With Greta it was only 2 days of recovery before i went back in for major surgery. With ozzie it was recovering from a c-section. But I'm not gonna lie, even though natural child birth was horrifying on many many levels, the recovery can not even compare to the other times for me. i feel like i could run a marathon (figuratively of course) this time around. I'm healing quick, i'm not so sore that i cant enjoy holding and snuggling my new baby, and i'm not having to take pain meds all the time to survive. and i feel relatively sane because i'm getting decent amounts of sleep. I'm so, SO grateful! I'm not even closed off to the idea of maybe...MAYBE having one more child someday...which is huge for me! When all is said and done, i'm just so blessed to have a loving husband and my 3 beautiful kids!
Welcome to the world baby Hazel!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

mixed emotions

wow. 5 days left...technically. can. not. believe. it.
it's about this time in my previous pregnancies that i start to freak out a bit, especially when I actually come to realize/remember that this baby is going to have to come out of my body someway, some how...very soon. i find it hard to remember from each pregnancy, certain details or differences between them. but here's a few things that come to mind this time around.

things that have NOT been helpful this time around:

-having 2 other kids to manage while being extremely tired
-not being in very good shape before i got prego
- being prego mostly during the winter= BAD eating/ snacking habits
- hip pain from Hell. seriously, i feel like a 90 year old
- drinking an entire bottle of rotten FUZE juice, and barfing my guts out one night(i know i shoudn't complain, but for a never ever was traumatic)
- breaking not one, but BOTH of my swimsuit straps at the raymond pool due to my prego girth. (granted not my fault, the lime ricki clasps might as well be made from playdough) but it was almost a severe wardrobe malfunction)
- the most intense braxton hicks contractions ever. i feel like i've been carrying a medicine ball in my abdomen for the last 2 months

things that have SAVED my life this time around:

-having family close by to babysit for Dr.s appointments or just when i need a break. dreamy.
- NOT having my husband in school full time, nuff said.
- Mon./ Wed. nap day- just about every time greta had pre-school, i had a lay down while ozzie napped. BEST!!!
- i have been ridiculously heathly throughout the entire 9 months, even in the winter. i think i caught a head cold from my kids once. that's it!

Other small things:
- I feel like i have been carrying really high this time around and really out front, very torpedo-ish.
- this baby has been dancing or something in there from the get go, never still, especially after 10pm
- i can tell this baby is NOT breach, (thank goodness) because i can feel 10 million kicks and movements a day, and with ozzie all i felt was a giant head stuck in between my ribs.
- the kids have been so cute and sweet the last few weeks, giving the baby lots of hugs and kisses, and talking to it, and feeling it move. greta especially, so cute!
- i really have NO CLUE what we are having, and i am dying to find out. it has been torture for the last couple months
- I AM HUGE! it is getting really embarassing.
- i dont know if this may or may not be my last pregnancy. but if it is, i will really miss feeling the baby move around in there, my favorite part for sure.
- last, i feel very very blessed to have such good pregnancies. i know how difficult it is for some to get pregnant, or stay that way, or survive the 9 months in one piece. carrying a giant baby is not for the weary, but i'm grateful for everything that has led to this point. and i just pray for a semi-decent labor and delivery(i feel it's my turn) and a healthy, happy baby!

I really am excited, it's baby time.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

one last hoorah!

We had been wanting to get outta town for the last few weekends but it seems like there was always something going on to stay home for. We figured it would be our last family getaway with just the 4 of us, and we wanted to spend some quality time with the kids before baby time turns everything upside down. so finally we escaped to calgary on friday to the Sheraton Cavalier to sleep over. I grew up going to this exact hotel with my family all the time after we went to flames games . it was my brother and I's favorite because they had 2 sweet waterslides, and at the time was one of the only hotels that did. Years later, it is still just as rad, but now the actual hotel is WAY nicer and newly renovated and the kids were in their GLORY at the pool/ waterslides. SO fun!!! we stayed up way to late but totally worth it!
all geared up ready to swim!
yikes, too cute
greta was really brave and after a couple times down with mommy and realizing i was slowing her down BIG TIME, she was up and down those slides a billion times. and ozzie loved the one that had a tunnel and how fast he went with daddy down the slides! he's usually kind of a wuss, but he was just as gung-ho as greta, and Daddy sure got a good work out up and down the stairs!

Late night snack of cucumbers and goldfish and juice, watching max and ruby in a king size bed! doesnt get much better than that for my kids:)

In the morning it was supposed to maybe rain, but looked ok out so we thought we'd have a nice breakfast and head to the zoo for the morning. I'm not much of a fancy breakfast maker so my kids were super excited to have waffles and sausage, and juice all in the same meal. it cost a small breakfast fortune but good because we didn't have to buy gross zoo hotdogs etc. cause we were still full from breakfast.

The last time we went to the zoo last summer we checked out the dinosaur exhibit and ozzie was terrified of the roaring sounds they made! Dick had to take him out because he was screaming so loud! so this year we were hopeful he would like it way more because he's totally into dinosaurs, and so we headed in, and it looks like ozzie wasn't the only kid freaked out of the noises because they removed all of the moving parts, and sounds that the dinosaurs made! so now actually, it is kind-of lame, but ozzie was still happy to see Tri-ceratops!

We usually don't let the kdis do the rides and stuff at the zoo and try to spend most of the time looking at the animals, but they were more than thrilled to hit up the merry-go-round for the first time this year. ozzie chose the bat because we had just seen some, and greta hopped on a froggy, no surprise there.

It was a great trip to the zoo, and the kids were excited that the penguins were coming next year. we used a 2 for 1 cupon and so felt justified in leaving by about 1. and the kids we SOOOOO tired that ozzie barely made it back to the van and was asleep instantly in his car seat, even before we started driving!

The rest of the day we headed over to chinook mall which was a bit depressing for me, i'm not gonna lie. being this prego, and not knowing what were having, and seeing all of the cute summer clothes that were on sale was a bit hard to swallow. but we had fun at the cool kids toy store for like an hour while daddy did some much needed shorts shopping and a rendezvous at the apple store! I wasn't totally dis-satisfied however because i did get my way and we went to Joeys for dinner and i indulged in my favorite lettuce wraps and diva salad. mmmmm, diva salad.

Anyways, all in all it was a great time, and i'm so glad we got to escape one last time before this baby pops out( as greta says)....sigh...if only it was that easy:)

oh, and here's gretas adorable picture she made of the her favorite zoo animals when we got home. (Elephant, giraffe, tiger, and a few birds and a turtle)she is quite the little artist, and she tried to write I (heart) the Animals( in picture form!) so cute!