Sunday, January 30, 2011


i found a few little gems stashed on the camera roll on my hand me down i-phone. they needed to be blogged about.

greta joy. this picture is so her. Hair tossled and un-done, wearing a shirt that i've tried to pack away a million times because it is too short, and yet it somehow manages to find its way back into her wardrobe. big beautiful brown eyes that never seem to look at the camera, and the sweetest smile possible.

i'm really hard on greta i think. not too sure why? i have to constantly remind myself she's only 4 because sometimes she does NOT act like all. maybe it's because she's the oldest, or a girl, but i see so many similar characteristics in our personalities, that i know that is why we butt heads often. I expect a lot from her, and 99% of the time she delivers. but i know i need to ease up and really give her more credit for being a good sister, an obedient daughter, and a very spiritually in-tune little child of God. she says the most meaningful prayers every day. like - blow me away- exactly what needs to be said- kind of prayers. i'm so grateful for her, and even though we're both excited for her to start school in the fall, i will miss her at home so much. and i love being her mommy every day.

Oz. or what i like to refer to as the cutest non-little boy in the world. he's my baby(for now) what can i say? I have the hugest soft spot for him, and if he does something bad(which he rarely does) he usually gets away with it in an instant. due to his adorable talking, slight lisp, huge snowman belly, and those eyes. oh man, those eyes get me every time.
i love this pic because he's a) in my bathroom and most likely just pulled one square of toilet paper off the roll and threw it in the toilet and flushed b) he's wearing a shirt that guaranteed he picked out for the day because he never lets me pick out his clothes anymore, and c) he's wearing one of the many toques daddy has made for him, and he LOVES them and wears them around the house all day until he gets sweaty.
if i could freeze ozzie at this moment in his life i would. i love how excited he gets about anything green, or how independent he wants to be, or how he's quick to say i'm sorry first and give greta a hug, even when she has been the one in the wrong. love him. 2 and a half. prally about 40 pounds. still my baby for a few more months:)

Daddy Hartmut Jahn. ( as Greta calls him) I still don't think she gets that we have other real first names. anyways, this pic is a gem to me because it shows dick's healthy addiction to Monavie, his lovely overgrown McDreamy hair doo, and his devotion in going to church meetings after almost 12 hours of work, in the late hours of the day. I'm not gonna get all mooshy here. but sometimes i feel like we're still in university and just first dating. i really get those excited feelings to see him, and laugh at all of his ridiculous jokes, and even try and get out of jammies by the time he comes home from work:) seriously though, he. is. the. best.

now, neither he or I will ever claim that he's a romantic. but he is thoughtful, and brought down 2 glasses of sparkling apple juice (champagne) for the rose ceremony on the bachelor the other night. and he lets me sleep in on his one day of the week that he gets the chance to sleep in.
i could go on.

needless to say. i'm feeling very blessed today. and i can't leave out this little baby in my belly either, who just tonite i believe made his/her presence known with the first kick that i could feel. life is flying by, and i'm so grateful for the moments i get to remember how blessed i truly am.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3 strikes

Strike one: Greta made it all the way into the library bathroom stall, and then pee'd her pants standing right in front of the toilet.

Strike two: Ozzie ran excitedly down the drive-way to show me an icicle he found. Before i could slow him down he face planted on the cement, and broke his icicle.

Strike three: I just became fully aware that the only jeans i like and that fit me these days, have a growing hole right in the front of the crotch.

time for bed. i'm so out.

Friday, January 7, 2011

i forgot...

the 3 things i always seem to forget about being pregnant, that never cease to amaze me:

3. How stupid you get

2. How itchy you feel

1. How annoying it is to have to go pee so bad and then....trickle.