Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We had a great Easter weekend! nothing major going on, but the weather FINALLY was decent so we tried to take advantage as much as possible.
Dick had friday off and we spent most of the day trying to catch up on chores and our 9 million projects around the house. Then on saturday we were able to go to henderson with our friends the Guenthers and stay for like 2 hours because it was so nice out! un-heard of so far this spring. the highlight of the afternoon was walking along the edge of the lake and Greta discovering some "lobster claws" as she called them. which in actuality, they were the remains of all of the dead cray-fish that had been eaten by the birds...sick. nasty. i was gagging. but all of the kids thought they were SO cool, and each of them had hand fulls of little pinchers, they even found some almost complete dead body carcasses. seriously, how do kids think that is cool?

Easter morning we enjoyed some bunny time, and a few extra large hidden eggs around the house
They loved these wind up chicks and bunnies i found
the extra large eggs were a big hit too, they are still playing with them, and make pretty nice hats i think!

Then it was go go go, the rest of the day. Unfortunately, sundays can be like that sometimes. I had to teach my reg. sunday school class, and then gretas primary class immediately after. Greta had to give a talk on the Resurrection, and Dick had all of his regular church meetings, plus he had to do tithing. So needless to say it was a very busy Easter Sunday. The kids however looked ADORABLE in their Easter outfits, i must say!

We got to relax at my mom and dad's after for the BEST easter Feast of my LIFE! seriously, my mom makes turkey dinner like no other. I've never had gravy so good, never. Nicki made the stuffing and brought some divine buns, and we rounded things out with some Acini de pepe salad, and sweet potatoes that we're basically dessert. yikes. so, so good. Like i mentioned it was beyond beautiful on Sunday, no wind and warm. So we let the kids get in one last easter egg hunt behing Grandmas house and they loved it! Ozzie was pretty good at finding the hard ones, and Greta had her game face on trying to find as many eggs as fast as possible! We actually saw the "Easter Bunny" run accross the green strip before the egg hunt, which was cute cause Greta asked "where is she gonna keep all the eggs? she doesn't have a basket?"

love this one of greta

The whole gang, the only pic with everyone looking up and not at their eggs!

After the kids were in bed that night we got to spend some much needed downtime, and watch a beautiful video on the life of the Savior. It was a perfect way to end the day! Dick was back to work on monday, but it was so nice just to chill and spend some time together as a family, and enjoy the holiday! Happy Easter!