Friday, June 19, 2009


Okay Dad, get out your glasses, turn off the Hockey game, and if you can figure out how to find this post on your Lap Top I'll give you a million bucks! HA! just kidding, but seriously, if you're reading this I am very proud of you! Actually, I'll make it in larger font for you... maybe not so large. Okay okay, enough making fun of your oldness...

I LOVE YOU DADDY!!!!! Happy Father's Day!!! I wish we could be home for Father's day, but I thought that this was better than a card, and I could be as long winded as I like.

I want you to know I think of you everyday and pray for you everyday! And when I do it is usually because something reminds me of you like watching curious George with Greta and thinking of Skeezicks that weird monkey we used to have and love so much. Or when I see a puppy like Chinook walking on the street I think of how much she loved you, and how you'd say "Hav Sum" nookie "Hav sum." I often think of you when Greta reminds me that we are gonna be "late" for church and she gets all concerned, and how many times you drove me to dance 40 years early because of my paranoia of being late, and how annoying I must have been....i could go on.

I also think of you when i'm reading my scriptures and I read stories of the prophets who endured so much, and went through so many numerous hardships to become the great leaders that they were. And that is what you are to me Daddy. The Great Leader of our Family! I know lately mom takes that role on many levels due to circumstances, but her strength and courage to take care of you and our family is in large part due to your Faith and prayers on her behalf.
I know that you must have many days that you feel frustrated with your physical limitations and inability to do the things you'd like to do. But I want you to know always, that you are a pillar of strength to me, and We love and appreciate you so much! Greta loves to sit with grandpa and watch shows and eat nibs and Ozzie loves listening to you pop your mouth and say "ohhh Ozzie."
Dick and I love the blessings you give us, they have a lasting impact on us and we talk about it often. And I always know you're there to listen when I need it... even if you have to turn the phone up to SUPER SONIC MODE!!
Anyways Dad, sorry this is a bit dis-jointed but I hope you have a Great Day and we love and miss you lots and lots! Mmuwah!

Love you, Krys