Sunday, August 15, 2010

am i really almost 30?

just had my B-day this week. it sort of snuck up on me, like it usually does. but it was weird this year cause i honesly said and heard the words 29 and couldn't believe my ears. WHEN did that happen? like for real?
i remember specific birthdays throughout the years. turning 6 and going to Mcdonalds with my friends(come on, it was a big deal back then). turning 8 and getting baptized the same day as at least 6 other kids. turning 13 and my mom and dad taking me and my friends horseback riding in waterton, turning 20 and spending all day and night working a split shift at Joey Tomatoes. throwing my self a birthday party at 22 and renting an astro jump that all of my roomates slept in. turning 27 and being mass-o preg-o before ozzie was born. and here we are present day. 29.

this birthday was fabulous. it started with a day trip to Waterton with my family. the nice thing about being from a family with only 2 kids is that every time we get together it is a family reunion of sorts. the kids had so much fun just exploring and throwing rocks for hours, and we had an awarding winning picnic with my moms fried chicken and potato salad. seriously, even the deer were jealous.

then on my actual birthday we decided to head to Great Falls and shop and stay the night so we could bring more things back. really, a prefect Birthday for me:) target was heaven and dick took the kids mini golfing so we could get in some mall time and ROSS too. we slept over at the Hilton which was super nice, but we thought breakfast was free and it wasn't so next time, maybe we'll try somewhere else. the kids we super good, and swam and slept like logs. I on the other hand can NEVER sleep in a hotel. especially with my kids in a room with me. one little cough, wiggle, sleep talk, shuffle and i'm awake. i am the worst. next time, ear plugs.

sorry, these are a little blury, flash was off

is this smile getting old yet?

anyways, this year i must say how grateful i am for my life. my family, my faith, my blessings. so very grateful.

Next year, we're gonna PARTY!!!!!!