Sunday, November 29, 2009

dancing, walking, and grosstaches

finally downloaded some video off our camera tonite. its been awhile, and my kids LOVE watching "home movies" so thats how we spent our sunday night.
Greta has been going to a ballet class since September. Ironically enough its called "Studio One" and so far she seems to really like it. It is a bit secretive though, i dont really know what goes on in there most of the time, and they had parent observation night but Greta was sick, and she really wanted me to come watch. So i asked Miss shauna if i could sit in the class and watch for a few minutes last week, this is what i saw...

This week has also been a busy one for Ozzie. he's gone from scaling walls, furniture etc. at lightning speed, to crossing the hallway on his own, to crossing the kitchen, going down the whole hallway, and now he's a full out walking maniac. His first real venture away from the walls started on Tues. Nov. 24th, and now he doesn't even think twice about it, he barely falls, and is a pretty, stinkin, happy boy! Its like he totally just decided that he was gonna walk, and did it. He could have done it earlier, but he wanted to make sure he was good at it first(daddy trait).
This video is from his first day or real walking on Tues., the second video is from Last night. crazy what a difference a week can make:)

In other news, thankfully "Movember" is pretty much over. Dick and a bunch of his man-friends helped raise money for Prostate Cancer by growing some nasty "mo's." The Neilsons had a sweet party to commemorate the month long event; food was ate, awards were given, just for men was used, and all in all it was a great time! dick is already planning his stash for next year...oh and he won the "try the hardest award" or something like that. due to his ridiculous plucking of the top mustache hairs to make it look more 'greasy mexican' than ever.(no offense)

mid month stashe

yes those are all real. sorry about the bad quality

end of the month stashe...its pointy, sick.