Thursday, October 22, 2009

my worst nightmare

picture this sweet face:

tumbling all

I thought i was gonna lose it. seriously. and seeing as Ozzie cant crawl OR walk you'd think i'd be safe from this kind of accident? nope. he scaled the furniture in 2 seconds flat to come find me i guess getting the laundry and all i heard was THUD, THUD, SCREAM!!!!

I was beside myself, he was SO sad and confused. miraculously he only had 2 big bumps on his XXL head. I thought for sure he'd have broken bones, ribs, brain damage, become paralyzed, know how you start to get carried away? but sure enough, all in all he seems fine. I know he's not the first or last kid to fall down some stairs, but when it happens to you, under your watch, you feel like SUCH a tool. i felt sick to my stomache all day yesterday.

anyways, truly, truly blessed.

On a happier note... the stairs used to stink and look like this:

so i guess i shouldn't complain.