Saturday, July 17, 2010

who knew?

who knew it could be so awesome to live so close to family, and have family come visit at YOUR house for a change? not that i'm surprised i guess, but seriously since we've been in Lethbridge its been a non-stop visiting, playing, family extravaganza. It' is SO nice to have my mom and dad here. I rip over to their house with the kids whenever for a visit, or jump on the air bounce, lots of delish sunday dinners-a- la Jesse, and my mom calls on random nights and says, go out, i'll babysit! Such a Treat!

then we get to be a few blocks from my Brother and his family too! Greta and Ozzie are in cousin heaven, playing with them whenver they get a chance, going to movies, swim dates at dougs, and lots of dressing up in ballet clothes and dancing of course. Kaiya and Jager are so much fun for Greta to play with, and cooper and ozzie will be good friends in no time i'm sure.

ozzie spends most days in this 50 cent teeny, tiny, pool

the kids loved the double slip n'slide

Then, we got a last minute phone call from our Sister n'law Jessica saying that her and all the kids we're here for a family reunion in Cardston, and they wanted to come play and sleepover! So exciting! Too bad Len couldn't make it, but we had as much fun as we possibly could in less than 24 hours, staying up late watching movies and eating popcorn, playing in the fort, playing barbies and petshops and everything girl, while ozzie and Landon sent cars down the spiral ramp for hours on end. Then they were able to come to our ward, and even jump on the tramp for a bit. Cant wait till they can come and stay longer!
the kids (minus Ozzie who was napping)

Greta could not believe the "big girls" knew how to do a pyramid:)

the unison "jump"

Anyways, summer has been great so far, and we love living close to family and having visitors whenever, so come over!