Saturday, August 22, 2009

peep show

We stumbled upon the original Care Bears full length movie the other day for $6.99...needless to say it was a must have purchase. So when we got home, Greta wanted to watch it, and she loved every second of it just as much as I did as a child :) Anyways, afterward she was running around the house yelling "Care Bear...... STARE!!!!" and lifting her shirt up to expose her tummy like the care bears do. I thought she was being funny and cute and she continued this for quite a while. Later, we asked her to go potty and get ready for her bath, then a few min passed by and she came out with (little did we know) ONLY her shirt on stretched down to about her knees...then we heard....
Care Bear......... STARE!!!!!!! and as she did so she strategically lifted her shirt up JUST enough to expose her lady bits.
She was laughing hysterically...and so were we!

should I be worried?