Sunday, July 31, 2011


Hazel is a 3 weeks old now, and is so rad. just sayin. but it is always an adjustment when there's a new baby around. some things i forgot about having a newborn:

- how much time you spend parked on your butt nursing. and how much more difficult it is to do that with kids whining or fighting or needing things at the same time you feed the baby

- how DONE i am with changing not one, but TWO sets of diapers. operation potty train Ozzie will commence VERY soon. i can not stand it.

-how big your other kids seem with a teeny little baby in your arms. time goes by SO fast! Hazel already is plumping up, and doesn't fit newborn diapers, and is losing her hair, and i've even had to put away a couple of outfits already...sniff sniff.
- how much more attention your other kids want. ozzie wants me to do everything for him, where-as usually before Hazel was around he would settle for daddy to do things for him or by himself. he's a teeny bit jealous i think. and greta has decided she is an adult now, and is taking showers, and brushing her teeth all by herself, and has the attitude of a teenager. great.

-how GOOD little babies smell. even when they barf all over themselves( which is often) they still smell so good. if i could drink that smell i would.
-The last on my list was going to be how tired you are. and dont get me wrong, i AM tired. but for some reason, maybe summer time? maybe better recovery? maybe not having a husband in school? i feel less tired that with my other two kids. thank GOODNESS! i was a zombie for like 6 months with ozzie, and so i'm grateful for sleep. so grateful.

In other news, we've been having fun weekend get aways seeing as we're a little bit strapped to the house. From stinky Park lake, to waterton, to the raymond pool, it's been fun! Glad Dick has the weekends off, makes it so nice.
and last, i have to document a conversation i had with my Greta this week:

G: Mom, i just dont know who i should marry...i think Tyce for sure, but then that boy Dillan from the water slides was really fun and wanted to marry me too. Who should i choose?

M: well i wouldnt worry about it too much Greta, you're still very young and wont have to think about that for a long time

after a short pause

G: Well... someones gonna be disappointed.

holy cow. i'm in trouble with that girl. but at least no one can ever say my kids lack in the self esteem department:)