Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Feet!

Tonite was Greta's first "official" dance recital on the big stage! Her group was called Happy Feet, and they were dressed like little frogs with tutu's and did a tap number to a Kermit the frog song. (I say official, because we missed her show last year by about 2 weeks because we moved, it was very sad.) anyways, to say she was excited is an understatement for sure! These were the things(according to her) she was most excited about in random order:
- Dancing on the big girl stage
She did SO good! i'm not just saying that. The kids all came out in a line and were a little late getting to their spots before the music started, but Greta picked up what they were supposed to be doing right away, and was shuffle stepping her heart out! SO cute! i was beaming, and so was she:)

- wearing mommys makeup
I did her makeup and told her that she couldnt peek until i was done and that it was a surprise. She could hardly stand it. When i let her look she gasped and said, "Oh mommy i look so beautiful!" it was really cute, she actually seemed shocked by the fact. One thing i learned putting stage makeup on Greta...i'm gonna have to keep a close eye on her as a teenager, yikes, she liked it WAY too much!
All dolled up, ready to go. She has those Crazy eyes kids get when their REALLY excited about something!

- having "extra" curly hair that bounces
we have only been letting her hair continue to grow until this recital was over because they were supposed to have hair in a half pony tail, curly. It looked really cute, but now we BOTH cant wait for the big CHOP next week! It was funny during her dance though, i noticed she kept flipping her curls back behind her shoulders whenever she got the chance:)

- Having her best cousin Kaiya, and Aunt Nicki, and Grandma and Mommy in the audience to watch and cheer
The timing this weekend was really bad, Gretas class was supposed to perform originally on WEd. night so Dick would have been able to come before he left to vancouver for the weekend. Then they switched the schedule and he ended up being away tonite. Sad. but Greta had her other family fan club, and sweet Kaiya sat thought 19 hundred dances and we didnt get out of there until 10:30, poor thing! Greta was beaming though that she came to watch her, so nice to have the support of family!
-Watching the "Big Girls" do some of their dances
This was probably her favorite part!

All in all it was a great night! I am so proud of my little girl for doing a great job! It brought back a LOT of memories, of dance in general, and the dance "world", how much i LOVEd it and made so many good good friends, and also how crappy the yates is. Come ON lethbridge!!

** oh, and you'll notice i have NO pictures of her in her costume because they are Nazi's and dont let any parents NEAr their kids backstage, even for a quick photo. lame. we'll just have to wait until we get her real pictures i guess.