Thursday, October 15, 2009


So we took away Ozzies soother on Friday night last week. I thought it was gonna be a NIGHTMARE! Greta would not take a soother as a baby so i swore when another child came around that i'd make it happen, and Ozzie loved his soother from Day1. I only gave it to him at bedtime, naps and in the car occasionally. But none the less he was hooked, and if it was anywhere in sight he would whine and whine until he found a way to get it in his mouth.

The reason i decided to get rid of it now was because he would wake up 2 or 3 times a night just for me to find his soother and he could go back to sleep. SO ANNOYING! i couldnt take it. So on friday night, the soothie had left the building. He Cried and cried and cried for like 35 min. it was heart wrenching. his cry was saying..."what the heck? where is my soother? why wont you give it to me? i'm tired! hurry up, this is getting old! mom are you crazy? how do you expect me to sleep?" and various other sad inflections. i almost caved like 3 times..but held out thinking if i could just get him to fall asleep without it we'll be okay. So I waited, he fell asleep, and didnt wake up until morning. Fluke right? thats what i thought. the next day, layed him down for naps, he cried for maybe 20 sec. each time and then right to sleep. must be good luck. that night, not a peep, next day same thing. He TOTALLY forgot about it.

So now he sleeps amazing, i dont even hear him at all in the night and we made it past this hurdle in under 24 hours. what a blessing. I should have given him more credit. i should have learned from Greta. I NEVER thought she'd fall asleep without being rocked, she did. I NEVER thought she'd drink milk without her bottle, she did. I NEVER thought she'd be happy sleeping anywhere but her crib, she did. i need to have a little more faith i guess, and not underestimate their ability to adapt so well.

In other news, Greta pee'd on the bathroom floor. A lake. the most pee i've ever seen. We were playing doctor with her carebears in her room,
Greta: "Oh... mommy...quick Cheer bear needs to go pee"
Me: does that mean you need to go?
Greta: "Yep"
Me: okay hurry, run, quick quick quick

30 sec. later....

Greta: OH NO!!!! MOMMY!!!
Me: (noticing the lake of pee on the floor) What the heck? what happend? why did you pee on the floor?
Greta: Well, carebear had to go first, and I had to wait my turn.

seriously. kids.