Thursday, July 7, 2011

mixed emotions

wow. 5 days left...technically. can. not. believe. it.
it's about this time in my previous pregnancies that i start to freak out a bit, especially when I actually come to realize/remember that this baby is going to have to come out of my body someway, some how...very soon. i find it hard to remember from each pregnancy, certain details or differences between them. but here's a few things that come to mind this time around.

things that have NOT been helpful this time around:

-having 2 other kids to manage while being extremely tired
-not being in very good shape before i got prego
- being prego mostly during the winter= BAD eating/ snacking habits
- hip pain from Hell. seriously, i feel like a 90 year old
- drinking an entire bottle of rotten FUZE juice, and barfing my guts out one night(i know i shoudn't complain, but for a never ever was traumatic)
- breaking not one, but BOTH of my swimsuit straps at the raymond pool due to my prego girth. (granted not my fault, the lime ricki clasps might as well be made from playdough) but it was almost a severe wardrobe malfunction)
- the most intense braxton hicks contractions ever. i feel like i've been carrying a medicine ball in my abdomen for the last 2 months

things that have SAVED my life this time around:

-having family close by to babysit for Dr.s appointments or just when i need a break. dreamy.
- NOT having my husband in school full time, nuff said.
- Mon./ Wed. nap day- just about every time greta had pre-school, i had a lay down while ozzie napped. BEST!!!
- i have been ridiculously heathly throughout the entire 9 months, even in the winter. i think i caught a head cold from my kids once. that's it!

Other small things:
- I feel like i have been carrying really high this time around and really out front, very torpedo-ish.
- this baby has been dancing or something in there from the get go, never still, especially after 10pm
- i can tell this baby is NOT breach, (thank goodness) because i can feel 10 million kicks and movements a day, and with ozzie all i felt was a giant head stuck in between my ribs.
- the kids have been so cute and sweet the last few weeks, giving the baby lots of hugs and kisses, and talking to it, and feeling it move. greta especially, so cute!
- i really have NO CLUE what we are having, and i am dying to find out. it has been torture for the last couple months
- I AM HUGE! it is getting really embarassing.
- i dont know if this may or may not be my last pregnancy. but if it is, i will really miss feeling the baby move around in there, my favorite part for sure.
- last, i feel very very blessed to have such good pregnancies. i know how difficult it is for some to get pregnant, or stay that way, or survive the 9 months in one piece. carrying a giant baby is not for the weary, but i'm grateful for everything that has led to this point. and i just pray for a semi-decent labor and delivery(i feel it's my turn) and a healthy, happy baby!

I really am excited, it's baby time.