Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So we did a super fun FHE last night and i thought i'd share because there's a few more days until Easter and maybe someone might need a fun activity to do this week!

I stumbled upon a website that honestly i can't find anymore, (i HATE when that happens) it was a link off of a blog or something. anyways, i loved the ideas on there and found this one about "egging" someone. So basically it's like a "Heart Attack" but with eggs. You just pick a family or neighbor to "Egg" run around their yard hiding eggs for them to find, leave a cute little note saying "You've been EGGED!", ring the doorbell and RUN!

The main reason i really loved this idea is because we did this sort-of thing in my family growing up quite often. My mom is big into "pixie-ing" people with things, and doing it anonymously. And i remember many different' occasions doing her drop-offs for her and loving the feeling of being a little scared of getting caught, and the glory of the get-a-way!

So we've been trying to focus on the real meaning of Easter all month for FHE, and it's been going pretty good, but last night after a short lesson on Service and helping others...(like really short, opening song, prayer and 2 scriptures) the kdis helped me fill up some eggs with treats, we picked our families and away we went to Egg some houses!

I WISH i had some pictures, it was really cute/hilarious! If someone was watching the four of us pile out of the van with our Easter baskets, , trying to keep ozzie sort of quiet and NOT open all the eggs he was hiding, telling Greta not to be scared that even if we got caught it was ok, and then the finale....Me, 6.5 months preg-town, ringing the doorbell, and then "Running" away! Hahaha, oh man, it would have been hilarious, i can't stop laughing even thinking about it!

anyways, all in all, good family fun! On the way home, Greta said, mommy, i LOVE doing service, especially when it's scary! So go EGG someone this week, before it's too late!

oh, and here's the printable


while hiding in a fort together...

G- hey ozzie, wanna talk about some secrets?

O- ya, sure!

G- ok, you go first. tell me about you life, and your dreams.

O- um...um...i'm the bad spiderman, and you're the good spiderman.

G- oh really, that's cool. ok, my turn....i took my kinder egg from grandmas house and ate it in my room, it was Soooo good!

just wanted to document their cuteness. the end.