Sunday, October 23, 2011

its been awhile

i find its hard once you havent blogged in awhile, to start back up. so daunting. like that pile of clean laundry that sat in the bin so long unfolded, that it becomes impossible to fold. so you just use all of the stuff in the bin, un-folded and start all over again........anyone? ok. well, maybe thats just me. but even though a million and one things have happened since the last time i posted anything, i wont attempt a complete catch up.

let's just start with greta.

First day of school!!! she was sick the day before but HAD to go!
My all grown up girl started kindergarten not long ago. and i've read all of these posts about moms being so sad seeing their kids go off to school, and must admit i felt a bit guilty. i wasn't sad really at all. you see my dear sweet greta joy has been ready to go to school for some time now. she is much too much like her mommy, and is wanting to go go go all day long. so school for her has been fantastic so far. She was a bit nervous about making friends, but she actually knows quite a few kids in her class already, so that helped a lot. now, she barely says goodbye when she heads out the door. She was glued to me when i came for snack day, but it was really fun to see her interact with her teacher and chat with her little friends. I guess maybe i wasn't so sad to see her start school because as a teacher i know all of the fun things and learning that can take place, and i was jsut excited for her to experience it.

OR maybe i'm just glad to have a break in the afternoons? or both? now we're a few months into school and i can not believe how quickly greta is learning all her sounds and sounding out and writing so many words all by herself. yesterday she sounded out skeleton all by herself as "skeliton" which is pretty darn close. she'll be reading in no time!

Greta ran the pumpkin run this year again, and she did really well. i ran with her and it was a good thing because she would have never made it otherwise. her shoes were a wee bit too tight and she complained about them the whole time! but i was proud she finished well, and did her own little sprint to the finish line! and of course got her little pumpkin:) the highlight for her actually was FINALLY getting to see one of her best friends from saskatoon miss Halle again. they were darling and a little shy at first, they we caught them sneaking off together to "catch up" we will have to do it again very soon. and i'm so sad we didnt get a pic of them together:(
with her cousins and super red faces after the race! it was HOT!!
she is a very good big sister too, for the most part. she LOVES hazel and is so sweet with her and loves to entertain and dance for her and make silly sounds etc. Hazel full on belly laughs for only greta, so cute. and as far as ozzie goes, they really are best buds. they hug everytime she leaves or comes home from school. and in the morning whoever wakes up first has the other one come snuggle in their bed, and i overheard them playing "I spy" the other morning in their pitch black room. hilarious!
now i'm not gonna lie. there are days, "like today" for example. where i have issues with my little 5 year old. she honestly talks like she is 15, and she is so picky about her clothes/hair etc. she loves to postpone anything i ask her to do so she can finish something on her own agenda. mostly usual kid stuff. but she really pushes my buttons, and i'm TRYING to have patience and remember she is only 5. but some days, it. is. hard.

recently we had out family pictures done by one of my good friends from high school. he does an amazing job, and he put almost all the pics on the disc so we could jsut see the funny ones of the kids playing etc, and well as the good ones. anyways, amongst some of the outtakes we found a striking genetic similarity, that we were not previously aware of. check these two out.

we. were. DYING!!! love this girl so much, who looks like daddy but acts like me:))