Thursday, November 4, 2010


I've been meaning to blog about this for awhile cause everyday there is something new. But lately, Ozzie is hilarious. His words and sentences kill me. seriously. I forgot how stinkin cute this phase is. maybe cause Greta was talking so clearly at an early age, it seems like a million years ago. ANYWAYS, back to me little ozzie.

Some of our favorites over the past bit are:

"Fooky, Fooky, Haoween fuff" - Spooky, spooky halloween stuff

"I come, Ba-yeah"- I come , Ballet. He says this anytime i take greta to pre-school or lessons. so cute.

" Carry you"- Whenever he wants you to pick him up, or carry him somewhere

" Greda, eat it"- If i ever give him anything to eat that he's not into, or doesnt want to finish, he very convincingly says, "greda, eat it." over, and over again.

Also, he is 100% obsessed with the color green. Like i dont even know how he knows his colors already, but he knows green, and blue. but asks for green EVERYTHING. if its not in a green bowl, with a green spoon, and a green cup, he wont touch it. He only plays with he green marbles, green blocks, green choo choos etc. so weird and cute.

also, hes been so sick this past month. He had the flu when i was in NY. then he got croup a few days after i got home and its been non-stop. but whenever he's so sick he says, " Medice. mommy. better." meaning, give me some medicine already woman so i can get better. haha. what kid asks for medicine? I had to take him to the ER one night cause his croup was really bad, and he acted like it was Christmas morning the whole time we were there, running around, playing peek a boo, dancing. it was ridiculous. i'm sure thats why it took us 3 hours to get some steroids for him and be on our way.

one more ozzie moment, he was this adorable hamburger for halloween, and now he thinks it is a coat substitute. anytime we go out he says, "hamburger?" cause thats the coat he wants to wear. i give in sometimes, just cause he's adorable.