Saturday, May 9, 2009

questions, questions, questions?

I think maybe i've taken for granted how 'well spoken' Greta is. She has always been a very good communicator and she has made it quite easy for us to understand what she needs or wants which is always a struggle for parents to figure out. Anyways, the past few months she has become more inquisitive than ever. Asking 5 bazillion questions about everything and anything. Mommy, whats that funny smell? what are you eating? why does Ozzie bite everything? whats in your mouth? why does Helen like bacon so much? where are we going today? what time is it? 2 oclock? is there still a baby in your tummy? (gggrrrr) why do you have owies on your face?(ggrrrrrr) etc. etc. etc... it sounds all cute and innocent, but can become annoying at times, especially when you dont feel like answering every little thing. Just when I thought I'd had enough questions for one day, i was on the phone with someone and I said my "husband" at somepoint in the conversation. when I got off the phone it went like this:

Greta: Mommy whats a husband?
Me: Well, Daddy is my Husband, and I'm his Wife because we are Married.
Greta: I want to be a wife
Me: One day when you grow up and meet a nice young man, you can get married in the Temple and you will be a wife too.
...( After a very thoughtful, contemplative pause, and that questionable look on her face)

Greta: Can I take my buddy (blankie) with me?

i love the questions. keep them coming.