Wednesday, January 6, 2010

slow and steady

I dont know about everyone else, but I have a difficult time getting back into the swing of things after Christmas. I think something about the turkey, and treats, and veg-ing, and movie watching, and shopping etc. etc. physiologically makes me move slower, be motivated less, and actually feel like time is standing still in January. I'm not big on New years resolutions either(obviously), but that's for another post completely.

In light of this, I will be blogging Christmas in sessions, collage style. not the most attractive form of picture posting, but who am I kidding, posting pics on blogger sucks anyways, so this is best for now.

We did have a FABULOUS Christmas at my Mom and Dada house in Lethbridge. Me and the kids went a week early so Dick could finish exams, and then he joined up with us on our Anniversary, which was a pleasant surprise!

One of the great things about only having to do one side of the Family at Christmas is that its pretty low key, and you actually get to relax a bit. The perks of a small family I guess:) Speaking of perks, lets talk about a few this year... non-stop delicious food, the best Turkey dinner of my life(for real), babysitting at the drop of a hat, cousins to entertain the kids, trips to Great Falls for the BEST shopping, parties with good friends, generosity above and beyond anything I would ever expect, and of course lots of time to enjoy Family! Thanks Mom and Dad SO much!!!

Greta and Ozzie were both thrilled to play with their cousins, even though Ozzie swiped a few of them at times! It was cousin HEAVEN for Greta, she would have eat , slept, breathed, Kaiya and Jag every day if she could!
Here's a few pics of the kids playing, eating icecream, opening presents, dressing like ballerinas, being ninjas, and wearing cute Jammies from Grandma and Grandpa!

It was also the first time the kids have really been able to play in the snow this year because A) we had barely any snow in Saskie when we left, and b) it was too stinkin COLD to go outside! So Greta was so excited to make snowballs, and angels, and forts, and Ozzie beyond loved us draggin him around on the sled.

We also adopted a Jahn family tradition of eating the most delicious waffles of all time on Christmas morning, I haven't seen my Dad eat that much in years! Both Greta and Ozzie loved being with their Gandparents, even if it took Ozzie 2 weeks to warm up to dad:) Greta used her powers of persuasion to get everything she wanted or thought she needed from Grandma...especially Grandma hugs, and she loved learning to sing "On top of Old Smokey" with Grandpa! I'm so grateful our kids have such amazing Grandparents (on both sides) to learn from and make memories with!

okay, i'm spent.

to become like a little child

...only little children have the imagination to come up with brilliant names for their littlest Pet Shop pets such as these.

the puppy- Ulla
the iguana- Proneza
the canary- Rezella
the kitten- Rodessera (she is the cousin to Gretas My little Pony named Rodessero)
the turtle- Marsipelli

the list goes on...those are the only ones i wrote down. and its not like she just makes them up and forgets them 30 seconds later. she has it down to a science and really puts some thought into her naming system.