Saturday, June 18, 2011

hot date

On Friday Greta had a busy afternoon planned with a swimming birthday party and a primary party immediately following. She was in her GLORY! to say the least, and completely entertained so i was able to go on a hot date with my favorite little boy.
I already feel like i dont get enough one on one time with ozzie, and with the new baby showing up real soon, its only going to get worse. so i was Really glad to spend some time with him, un-interrupted.
I asked him where he wanted to go most, the pet store or the park? he chose pet store, no surprize there. and i must admit, as lame as lethbridge is when it come to activities for kids and families, they do have a fantastic pet store that we frequent often. Ozzie loves to find the "nemo" fish, and pet the bunnies, and he even got to feed one some lettuce, or "dinner" as he called it. I usually let him roam free in the reptile zone, seeing as i cant be within a meter of a caged snake, but he loves to see the turtles and snakes the most.

After the pet store we went to help Greta change out of her swim stuff, and then we went out for dinner, also known as "Chicken and Fries" according to ozzie. We were at dairy queen, and he was so cute just sitting waiting at the table patiently for our food to be ready. So i took the time to ask him some typical date type questions:
Q- what's your favorite color? - green...and, ya. green and blue mommy.

Q- whats your favorite thing to eat? - juice. (me- well thats a drink, what about food?) um....cantalope and melomelon(watermelon) which is totally true, he can eat half a cantalope in one sitting no problem.

Q- what do you want to be when you grow up? - ........................... a little boy.

Q- do you like being 2? - ya, sure! i'm 2! can i have some more juice?
Anyways, it was really cute. i love how much he talks and hearing his sweet little voice and enthusiasm about everything!

After we took greta to her next party, we got a couple groceries and headed to the park because it wasnt raining for once. I pulled up to the park, and he said, "Were going to the park too!!!??? YEAH, THE PARK!!!!!!! thanks mommy, so so much!! and then, my heart melted:)
We had fun playing and swinging (which is his favorite thing to do, and playing chase, even though i'm pretty slow moving these days so it wasnt much of a challenge for him to "get away" from me.

It was a perfect afternoon date with my Oz. We definatley need to do it again really soon!

In other news, the kids are FINALLY sharing a room. we put it off and put it off only because i knew it would shake things up around here, including our sleep patterns. but so far so good. they go to bed great, which is nice. the only problem is the middle of the night pee breaks from greta or leg aches or bad dreams. she's woken up ozzie a few times already, and once he's awake its difficult to convince him that its still night time and to go back to sleep. anyways, we're working on it, but i love how cute they are when i come in to get them in the morning, just talking, or making dog sounds, or singing popcorn popping. adorable.
one more ozzie story form a couple days ago so i dont forget. we were at costco and i usually make him sit in the cart, but it was pretty dead in the store so i let him walk with greta, which he loves. but he's started this new thing in stores where he likes to hide, and it a) gives me a heart attack when i cant see him and b) makes me so annoyed. So he was hiding and i told him if he hid again he'd have to get back in the cart. so we continue along for a minute and he asks, "Mommy can i still walk?" i said, "Sure, buddy you can walk." Then he asks, "Can I skip to my lou?"..... what am i supposed to say to that? the cutest question of all time? "sure ozzie, go ahead" and he proceeds to do the cutest jump/skip move beside the cart while we shopped. I. was. dying.

life is good:)