Sunday, August 30, 2009

best of friends

i'm sure it may change over time, but these 2 can NOT get enough of each other these days! i'm constantly finding them playing together, laughing, hiding under blankets, making the same strange faces at me, and i'm loving every minute of it! Greta said, Mommy, i love you and Daddy so much, but Ozzie is my brother and I love him more, like Toopy and binoo. ( her favorite show)

look at those goofy smiles! i just want to bite their cheeks of and eat them! love you!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

peep show

We stumbled upon the original Care Bears full length movie the other day for $6.99...needless to say it was a must have purchase. So when we got home, Greta wanted to watch it, and she loved every second of it just as much as I did as a child :) Anyways, afterward she was running around the house yelling "Care Bear...... STARE!!!!" and lifting her shirt up to expose her tummy like the care bears do. I thought she was being funny and cute and she continued this for quite a while. Later, we asked her to go potty and get ready for her bath, then a few min passed by and she came out with (little did we know) ONLY her shirt on stretched down to about her knees...then we heard....
Care Bear......... STARE!!!!!!! and as she did so she strategically lifted her shirt up JUST enough to expose her lady bits.
She was laughing hysterically...and so were we!

should I be worried?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

30 pics

So i loved looking at this on Noelle Bakers blog and thought it would be fun to picture hunt, plus my house is clean and i cant nap with the kids cause the neighbor is using his scroll saw right outside my window. boo. so here we go.

A pic of you in your room:

hallway beside my room? close enough. halloween 07.

A pic of you with someone you don't like:
okay, the hot chic in the middle, i wish that was me, and the greasy, back up dancer gave me the heeb jeebs.

A pic of you in the daylight:
A pic of you on your birthday or a Holiday:

Hawaii 08 the best Holiday ever!
seeing as it just past...Happy 28th!
The youngest pic of you in digital form:
i'm pretty sure i was packing my things to run away in this pic, and someone foiled my plan

A pic of you with a new Hair cut/color:

A pic of you in a time of your life that you wish wasn't over:
dancing every day...pure bliss

A pic of you in a time of your life that you're thankful is over:
not that it wasn't fun being single and living with 90 fun, but i'm glad to be married!

A pic of you with someone you love:

A Pic of how you'd like to be seen spending every day:
just chillin with these guys

A pic of you when everything changed:
First baby...turns your world upside down

A pic of you that makes your heart hurt:
grade 7 perm...enough said.

A pic of you that makes your heart smile:

one of our engagement it

A pic of you on the best day of your life:

Dec 19/03... no contest.

A pic of you in formal attire:
Dental banquet /06
A pic you couldn't leave out:

i couldn't leave out these two little monkeys :)

so i didn't make it quite to 30 pics...too long..aww well enjoy!