Monday, September 21, 2009

i couldnt resist

i started browsing through old pics trying to free up some space on my computer and i stumbled upon a few rare gems. I thought i'd dedicate this post to Greta and Elias...the best of friends....MOST of the time!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday lil' Ozzie!

It is surreal to me that a year has gone by so fast! My not so little baby boy is now a big 1 year old and changing by the second it seems! I think Greta seemed so much older to me at one cause she was running already, but Ozzie just seems like a little guy still.
I'll admit, I'm not much of a fan of the little baby phase. dont get me wrong, they are precious and perfect, and generally do sleep alot. but i'm actually kind of excited for Ozzie to be getting into the toddler world, even though he's already getting into more things than i thought possible for someone who isnt even walking OR crawling. But he's inventive thats for sure, and if he wants something bad enough he'll find a way to get it!
Ozzies favorite things right now are, Balls... 100%! he cant get enough. He actually says "Bah" when he's after one. He also loves making as much noise as possible by banging anything against anything else as hard as he can. (i'm assuming this is a boy thing) He loves his soy milk and flaps and bounces for joy when i give him some, and he can pound grapes like nothing else...his favortie food right now for sure! He just started this week trying to feed me things too, so cute. He holds out whatever it is to put in my mouth and then eats it himself. what a stinker.
Hmmm.. what else? Ozzie is still very sensitive and sweet. but he also has a temper like nothing else, and is Mr. Grump fest in the morning for at least a half hour. He LOVEs to be outside, and will scream and lunge out of my arms if i'm anywhere near thte patio door or front door. And he loses his mind if I go past the bathroom with him when Greta is having a bath and dont let him in there, seriously, like a nervous breakdown everytime.

Lately he is yammering so much more, and even though i dont Think hes really said him first "word" yet, he does say Ma ma ma ma when i'm around, and Bah" for ball and dadadada. But its no secret that he loves Greta the most of us all. He lights up when shes around, and Greta is a really good sister, so i dont blame him.

We had a fun day today, playing with new toys, time at the zoo, and dessert of course! I think Ozzie sort of figured something cool was happening for him when we turned out the lights to sing happy birthday and there was FIRE in front of his face. he smiled.

Here's some highlights
Checking out his new Hammering Toy

At the Zoo

All dressed and excited for his Party!
Going for a stroll

I made these Burger cupcakes and Fry cookies because Ozzie LOVES fries, and will scream for one until he gets it every time. thanks for the idea Bakerella! they were sort of annoying to make, but turned out super cute in the little boxes, Love!

He loved his cupcake and that i let him have at er' the whole time!
Post Birthday wind down!

love you Ozzie! Happy First Birthday!