Monday, March 28, 2011

oh what do you do in the....??

never ending wintertime? when it wont stop snowing or being windy everyday?
ok. its not that bad. but i seriously feel like we still live in saskatoon sometimes, this winter has been SO long for me for some reason. anyways. here's some pics of how we've been spending the (hopefully) last few- stuck inside- days of almost spring:)

playing spiderman and island girl

jumping off the bed onto every blanket/pillow we own
ozzie is getting some sweet air in this one
okay last one- the split jump

modelling new gumboots
dreaming of days we can wear them outside

drink in unison from matching sippy cups while making stare faces
horsey rides when daddy comes home
clearly a really soggy diaper makes this way more fun
We also took a spontaneous trip to Great falls this past weekend to get the grump out of me mostly. We stayed at a new Holiday inn express with a sweet indoor waterslide and kid area. oh and don't be fooled by ozzie's sad face in this pic, he was beyond thrilled the entire time, he was just mad i was blocking the tv. We also found a restaurant called Salad Creations, and fell in love, our whole family loves salad! and of course we got in some shopping, mostly stuff for the kids room, but a few trinkets for the baby and some yummy new fabric for me to dive into. All in all, Good hotel, good food, good shopping, it was a much needed get- the heck out of lethbridge- away!
other than that, i'm DYING for some spring weather so i can get on with the my 90 projects i have planned between now and the baby coming. the list goes like this:

a) finish sanding and painting the kids 10 dollar beds that i got and put them together so ozzie can finally get out of his crib
b) paint and decorate the kids room and the babys room
c) sand and paint the awesome vintage dresser i found
d) finally hang our family pictures in the Living room before we have to change the pictures in the frames
e)make a baby quilt and maybe a new nursing cover( yikes, i'm not a sewer) but i have good instructions on the tutorial so we'll see how it goes
f) if time and my sanity allows-potty train the ozzie

oh and here's the first and potentially last pic of my prego belly@ 25 weeks. i'm not counting down yet, but it ain't gonna get pretty from here on in. i'm predicting biggest baby yet....shudder.