Sunday, May 17, 2009


here's what i remember about being so as my little Greta bo sweta turned 3 this week i thought she'd like to remember what we did on her third birthday, and why she is so special to us.
Her actual birthday was on tuesday during finals still, so we spent the day together opening a few presents and playing at the park. Greta kept asking all day, " are we going to have my birthday today?" in which i told her that she'd have a little party on saturday...which means nothing to kids, so i said.." in a few days okay?" "okay mommy." Greta has been asking for a bike since her last Birthday, so we finally gave in and she really seems to love it and be quite good already.

we also got her a Unicorn to ride on because she'd been pulling hangers out of my closet to ride around on for months and i got a little tired of finding hangers everywhere. she named her "Uni" and likes to put her to sleep under her buddies and pat her head while she falls asleep.
later this week i made cupcakes for greta, and decided on a rainbow theme because she's been really into rainbows and unicorns as of late. i found the perfect recipe on some lady's blog, seemed pretty straightforward so i went to work...3 hours later...for real..they were done. it was definatley a labor of love. but look at those colors! rad.
everyyear for gretas birthday i always plan something outside, and we've been rained out every year. it looked like it was going to happen again, and then after a week of snow and cold, it was beautiful all of the sudden just in time for a party! Greta had some of her friends over and we rented an AStro jump (thanks laura) that the kids loved!

then we had cupcakes and more jumping and sliding,Greta was so happy to have her girl friends come play, even though we were missing some of her favorite boy friends (ie. Elias, Jost, Carson, Briggs etc.)

All in all it was a great week and a perfect party for our little girl! We love you so much Greta, and are so proud of the sweet, smart, independent, joyful little girl you are growing up to be!