Tuesday, June 28, 2011

one last hoorah!

We had been wanting to get outta town for the last few weekends but it seems like there was always something going on to stay home for. We figured it would be our last family getaway with just the 4 of us, and we wanted to spend some quality time with the kids before baby time turns everything upside down. so finally we escaped to calgary on friday to the Sheraton Cavalier to sleep over. I grew up going to this exact hotel with my family all the time after we went to flames games . it was my brother and I's favorite because they had 2 sweet waterslides, and at the time was one of the only hotels that did. Years later, it is still just as rad, but now the actual hotel is WAY nicer and newly renovated and the kids were in their GLORY at the pool/ waterslides. SO fun!!! we stayed up way to late but totally worth it!
all geared up ready to swim!
yikes, too cute
greta was really brave and after a couple times down with mommy and realizing i was slowing her down BIG TIME, she was up and down those slides a billion times. and ozzie loved the one that had a tunnel and how fast he went with daddy down the slides! he's usually kind of a wuss, but he was just as gung-ho as greta, and Daddy sure got a good work out up and down the stairs!

Late night snack of cucumbers and goldfish and juice, watching max and ruby in a king size bed! doesnt get much better than that for my kids:)

In the morning it was supposed to maybe rain, but looked ok out so we thought we'd have a nice breakfast and head to the zoo for the morning. I'm not much of a fancy breakfast maker so my kids were super excited to have waffles and sausage, and juice all in the same meal. it cost a small breakfast fortune but good because we didn't have to buy gross zoo hotdogs etc. cause we were still full from breakfast.

The last time we went to the zoo last summer we checked out the dinosaur exhibit and ozzie was terrified of the roaring sounds they made! Dick had to take him out because he was screaming so loud! so this year we were hopeful he would like it way more because he's totally into dinosaurs, and so we headed in, and it looks like ozzie wasn't the only kid freaked out of the noises because they removed all of the moving parts, and sounds that the dinosaurs made! so now actually, it is kind-of lame, but ozzie was still happy to see Tri-ceratops!

We usually don't let the kdis do the rides and stuff at the zoo and try to spend most of the time looking at the animals, but they were more than thrilled to hit up the merry-go-round for the first time this year. ozzie chose the bat because we had just seen some, and greta hopped on a froggy, no surprise there.

It was a great trip to the zoo, and the kids were excited that the penguins were coming next year. we used a 2 for 1 cupon and so felt justified in leaving by about 1. and the kids we SOOOOO tired that ozzie barely made it back to the van and was asleep instantly in his car seat, even before we started driving!

The rest of the day we headed over to chinook mall which was a bit depressing for me, i'm not gonna lie. being this prego, and not knowing what were having, and seeing all of the cute summer clothes that were on sale was a bit hard to swallow. but we had fun at the cool kids toy store for like an hour while daddy did some much needed shorts shopping and a rendezvous at the apple store! I wasn't totally dis-satisfied however because i did get my way and we went to Joeys for dinner and i indulged in my favorite lettuce wraps and diva salad. mmmmm, diva salad.

Anyways, all in all it was a great time, and i'm so glad we got to escape one last time before this baby pops out( as greta says)....sigh...if only it was that easy:)

oh, and here's gretas adorable picture she made of the her favorite zoo animals when we got home. (Elephant, giraffe, tiger, and a few birds and a turtle)she is quite the little artist, and she tried to write I (heart) the Animals( in picture form!) so cute!