Thursday, November 4, 2010


I've been meaning to blog about this for awhile cause everyday there is something new. But lately, Ozzie is hilarious. His words and sentences kill me. seriously. I forgot how stinkin cute this phase is. maybe cause Greta was talking so clearly at an early age, it seems like a million years ago. ANYWAYS, back to me little ozzie.

Some of our favorites over the past bit are:

"Fooky, Fooky, Haoween fuff" - Spooky, spooky halloween stuff

"I come, Ba-yeah"- I come , Ballet. He says this anytime i take greta to pre-school or lessons. so cute.

" Carry you"- Whenever he wants you to pick him up, or carry him somewhere

" Greda, eat it"- If i ever give him anything to eat that he's not into, or doesnt want to finish, he very convincingly says, "greda, eat it." over, and over again.

Also, he is 100% obsessed with the color green. Like i dont even know how he knows his colors already, but he knows green, and blue. but asks for green EVERYTHING. if its not in a green bowl, with a green spoon, and a green cup, he wont touch it. He only plays with he green marbles, green blocks, green choo choos etc. so weird and cute.

also, hes been so sick this past month. He had the flu when i was in NY. then he got croup a few days after i got home and its been non-stop. but whenever he's so sick he says, " Medice. mommy. better." meaning, give me some medicine already woman so i can get better. haha. what kid asks for medicine? I had to take him to the ER one night cause his croup was really bad, and he acted like it was Christmas morning the whole time we were there, running around, playing peek a boo, dancing. it was ridiculous. i'm sure thats why it took us 3 hours to get some steroids for him and be on our way.

one more ozzie moment, he was this adorable hamburger for halloween, and now he thinks it is a coat substitute. anytime we go out he says, "hamburger?" cause thats the coat he wants to wear. i give in sometimes, just cause he's adorable.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

when its not windy...

when its not windy i feel liberated here. like we can go anywhere and do anything we want, even if its a bit chilly, who cares. when its windy, it might as well be 40 below outside because i can't force myself out in the headache causing, tree snapping, leaf wrecking, nightmare. luckily, last week was gorge city, no wind, quite warm and we took advantage.

we spent family home evening attempting to organize the garage and busting out the portable campfire for some roasted mallows, the kids loved it!

Then we went out to a petting zoo outside of coaldale one last time, even thought they were technically closed for the season. Greta would not leave the kittens alone, and they were pretty cute even though i hate cats.

Oz holding it by the poo hole...great.

But nothing compares to the cuteness that is him:
or them:
or they:

I still cant believe we didn't come home with one of them. only time will tell. but seriously, 9 beagle pups, i couldn't even handle it.

we've also been at the park a lot. henderson is one of our faves and there's a new park out in sunridge that is pretty awesome. i attempted some pics but failed mostly. still good times.

no he wasn't "unloading" here, they were looking at a grasshopper, easily confused

haha, ozzie was sad i made him stop throwing rocks, typical.


love briggs in this one

just a top-o-the slide meeting with the boys

gathering for a "campfire"

just love this one of my big boy

Friday, October 8, 2010


ozzie had a little cold and then puffy eyes one morning and we thought nothing of it. turns out it was pink eye, and he lovingly passed it onto mommy. except turns out i had it so bad that even my optometrist (Austin Hornberger(ha)) was grossed out. nice, real nice.
(sorry for the explicit content, don't lose your lunch)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

count down

counting down the hours until ALL afternoon pre-school on monday. about 38 'ish i'd say.
cant. wait.

okay this pic makes me laugh so hard, and as i'm writing this i'm reminded of a previous pic of Greta making basically the same face years ago...


** Note** Greta picked this outfit out ENTIRELY by herself. i was quite impressed.
however, i would have gone with a skinny jean instead of the skirt. just sayin:)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

not so terrible 2's

***warning- this post is long and picture crazy***

I don't want to jinx it but the past couple months with Mr. Ozzie have been fantastic. He sleeps like the dead, eats everything in site, and overall is beyond stinkin cute. He just turned 2 this week. 2 I say. yikes. time for another? not likely. BUT we did get to have a few festivities for our little guy in spite of us all being sick on our death beds ALL last weekend.

Ozzie has been into nothing but Dinosaurs ever since we took him to the Calgary Zoo to the dino exhibit. He was so excited to see them, and then someone pushed a button and they started to roar. well, that was the end of it, he screamed bloody murder the rest of the time there, and dick literally was running to get him outta there so he'd finally calm down. funny. So then, somehow my kids ended up watching Ice age 3 (dawn of the Dinosaurs) shortly after that, and he was all of the sudden hooked. All he kept saying all day long was "Dido...Roar!" 5 million times. So that is how i decided on a dinosaur theme for his little party.

We went to Nicholas Sheran to swim first cause he loves the little slide there, and then we had snacks and cake with a few friends after. it was really cute, and fun, and ozzie got spoiled big time.

the only swimming pic i got, but he looks so cute and big in this one

the spread+ karen(sorry i HAD to put this one in, made me laugh:)

just eatin'

playing with his glow n' the dark dino, from his cupcake he didn't touch. should have had birthday corn on the cob, THAT he would have eaten:)
Stage left

Stage right

cooper of course, who loved the pepperoni's like no one else:)

i think the icing was a Little bit messy

Present time, and ALL the kids wanted in on it, so cute

Later that day we just hung out, played with toys and such. His actual birthday was the next day, and originally dick was supposed to work all day and then leave for saskatoon, but seeing as people like to cancel dental work lots in september, he had the morning off, so we took the kids to one of Ozzies ( well, actually both of their) favorite places on earth. The Pet Store. It has gotten so bad around here, that every time we get in the car he starts saying "Pet... Pet... Pet..." in hopes that he can subliminal message me into taking them there. it usually works.
He loves seeing all the pets, but i'm pretty sure the puppies and "nemo's" as he calls them are his favorite. then we went for family lunch at moxies, another of his favorites...ok, actually our favorites. but he doesn't care:) And then chilled the rest of the day, played with his super awesome car track and had pasta for dinner which he loves to say so clearly in 2 syllables, "PA, STA"

Frog book with daddy


no birthday is complete without dancing in your birthday suit

The best and most awesome things about Ozzie at 2 are:

- his yammering. mostly in-coherent, but staggered with clear words throughout. he even tries some pretty cute sentences like, " mo milk peas mommy" Other favorite words, "Dido"- dinosaur, "Boo-doo"- bottle(which is actually a sippy cup), mommy daddy, ozzie but not greta even though he knows how to say it, ROAR, truck, "wack-you"- thank-you, Pet, Bye house, rock, asleep(followed by snoring sounds)

-his closed eyes cheese grin. love.

- he is so sweet, and gives hugs and kisses and bonks on command without hesitation

- he EATS!!!! i never have to worry about him, he loves almost everything. except rice, which makes dick really upset. but he feels better immediately when I say, Ozzie what do you want for lunch, and his response is "Soup". i swear the soup obsession is hereditary, no lie.

-he loves Greta and will copy basically anything she does, good or bad. they play pretty good together actually

-finally cause this is so long, He is SO sweet at night asking for a million primary songs by name, "rainbows" "try try try" " jesus said" "of God"


Saturday, August 21, 2010


greta today during lunch while dick was putting up curtain rods:

" Daddy, you're the goodest at fixing things in the whole world...

and Mommy, you're the goodest at cleaning.

Ozzie, you're the goodest at sleeping...

and're the goodest at drinking. Good Job Everyone!"

Ha. love her.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

am i really almost 30?

just had my B-day this week. it sort of snuck up on me, like it usually does. but it was weird this year cause i honesly said and heard the words 29 and couldn't believe my ears. WHEN did that happen? like for real?
i remember specific birthdays throughout the years. turning 6 and going to Mcdonalds with my friends(come on, it was a big deal back then). turning 8 and getting baptized the same day as at least 6 other kids. turning 13 and my mom and dad taking me and my friends horseback riding in waterton, turning 20 and spending all day and night working a split shift at Joey Tomatoes. throwing my self a birthday party at 22 and renting an astro jump that all of my roomates slept in. turning 27 and being mass-o preg-o before ozzie was born. and here we are present day. 29.

this birthday was fabulous. it started with a day trip to Waterton with my family. the nice thing about being from a family with only 2 kids is that every time we get together it is a family reunion of sorts. the kids had so much fun just exploring and throwing rocks for hours, and we had an awarding winning picnic with my moms fried chicken and potato salad. seriously, even the deer were jealous.

then on my actual birthday we decided to head to Great Falls and shop and stay the night so we could bring more things back. really, a prefect Birthday for me:) target was heaven and dick took the kids mini golfing so we could get in some mall time and ROSS too. we slept over at the Hilton which was super nice, but we thought breakfast was free and it wasn't so next time, maybe we'll try somewhere else. the kids we super good, and swam and slept like logs. I on the other hand can NEVER sleep in a hotel. especially with my kids in a room with me. one little cough, wiggle, sleep talk, shuffle and i'm awake. i am the worst. next time, ear plugs.

sorry, these are a little blury, flash was off

is this smile getting old yet?

anyways, this year i must say how grateful i am for my life. my family, my faith, my blessings. so very grateful.

Next year, we're gonna PARTY!!!!!!