Saturday, October 9, 2010

when its not windy...

when its not windy i feel liberated here. like we can go anywhere and do anything we want, even if its a bit chilly, who cares. when its windy, it might as well be 40 below outside because i can't force myself out in the headache causing, tree snapping, leaf wrecking, nightmare. luckily, last week was gorge city, no wind, quite warm and we took advantage.

we spent family home evening attempting to organize the garage and busting out the portable campfire for some roasted mallows, the kids loved it!

Then we went out to a petting zoo outside of coaldale one last time, even thought they were technically closed for the season. Greta would not leave the kittens alone, and they were pretty cute even though i hate cats.

Oz holding it by the poo hole...great.

But nothing compares to the cuteness that is him:
or them:
or they:

I still cant believe we didn't come home with one of them. only time will tell. but seriously, 9 beagle pups, i couldn't even handle it.

we've also been at the park a lot. henderson is one of our faves and there's a new park out in sunridge that is pretty awesome. i attempted some pics but failed mostly. still good times.

no he wasn't "unloading" here, they were looking at a grasshopper, easily confused

haha, ozzie was sad i made him stop throwing rocks, typical.


love briggs in this one

just a top-o-the slide meeting with the boys

gathering for a "campfire"

just love this one of my big boy