Sunday, July 29, 2012

so its been half a year. nbd.

I was overwhelmed with guilt when ozzie was complaining about not having a hard copy of any form of baby book the other day. and then i felt even worse when i realized i have not blogged about our lives at ALL in six months. lame lame l.a.m.e

So heres the long and short of it all. Greta first.

Greta finished out her Kindergarten year with flying colors. The girl loves school, is insanely social and seems to get along with all the kids in her class. She also picked up on reading and all of her sounds with no major help from me. It just clicked and she is reading a lot of easy readers now, and can sound out almost any word. CRAZY! I just didnt expect it to all come together for her until grade 1. She turned 6 in may, and had a fun girls only ice cream party with her friends! It was difficult for her not to invite her best little boy buddies to, but i figure its all part of growing up i guess. the big present was a new Bike which she def. needed. She is going crazy fast now on her bike and really loves to go riding with ozzie.

Greta is becoming quite the drama queen these days, i'd like to chalk it up to age combined with being tired from summer activities. but i think its just her. LIFE is generally a big deal for her some days, and if she feels wronged by the world or me or whatever, you defiantly hear about it. She is getting better at watching hazel for me, and really loves her brother and sister a lot. She is also a crazy bug/butterfly/anything little and creepy catcher. She has had non stop bugs in her catcher all summer and she loves it!

And then there's the Oz man. Ozzie is going through a growth spurt/whining spurt as of late. maybe its the middle child syndrome, but he is VERY persistant when he decides he wants to eat or do something. Like never stop asking, drive you crazy all day long persistant. But he is getting really excited to turn 4 in the fall, adn start pre-school. He loves being gretas tag along, and runs around the neighborhood with all the friends like hes one of the gang. super cute. his appetite is bigger than ever, and i think he may have a worm or something in their consuming all of his food. Ozzie is still my little sensitive soul, he gets very sad when hes hurt or if greta does something mean. but he is never mean back to her, and just tattles about it. so at least i dont have to deal with a hitter.
Ozzie endeavored to try swimming lessons this spring, and it may have made his fear of swimming actually worse. but were working on it. He is the sweetest most days, and will give up stuffies from his bed for extra hugs from mommy at night, or come up to me and say, you know what? I love you. So sweet.

Hazel Just turned one on July 9th. ONE!!!! i can not even begin to say how fast this year went by, it is heart wrenching actually. i was super excited when the other kids turned one, but this time around seemed different. slow down time, would ya? Hazel at one year old is a little fire cracker. One thing you could never say about my kids is that they didnt have a mind of their own. She is already wanting to be very independent in almost every way. feeding herslef, pushing my hand away when i try and help with things, screaming when we try and carry her away from something she wants to do/see. etc. etc. Little miss stubborn.

She loves to eat like all my kids do, thank goodness. Her faves right now are spaghetti, any fruit, bread, green beans, blueberries, and mostly mango. the good ones from mexico. loves. them. Baby food is non existant around here any more, she wont touch it as of a few weeks ago. and she just basically stopped nursing over night, right around her first birthday. single tear.

Hazel has a lighnening fast crawl speed these days. i should time her. and she is pulling up on all the furniture, chairs, legs, walls, climbing the stairs, etc. sitting on top of boxes and toys is one of her favorite things, and she loves to take out the vents and dig her hand in there. gross. why do kids like that?

WE had a fun little party for her first birthday at gyro park. Just cake and treats and friends. but it was nice to celebrate her special day. I made her Owl cupcakes because of her beyond massive eyes and how cute little owls are. just like hazel. Hazel has got my heart, maybe cause shes the baby still and cant talk back or not listen, but i want to squeeze her and kiss her all day long. and she is such a great baby, very laid  back, easy to please, and happy. As long as her soother is close by:) thats the next battle coming up.

Hazel is loving summer, all the swimming and outside sunshine etc. she is so brave, and all too eager at the spray park to get in their and get soaked, and she just loves to be outside. She goes to either door and climbs up and starts banging on the door to let me know she wants to go out there. if only i could keep her from eating mud and rocks.

aaaaaaaannnnnnnnd i'm spent. 
coming up tomorrow, update #2. Were moving!? and Vancouver holidays:)