Wednesday, November 23, 2011

this 3 year old boy

late late late. forgetful forgetful. tired tired. this is the story of my life these days. i NEED to get back to the gym or something to give me some energy and a boost! In spite of this fact, i needed to blog about my little ozzie tonite.
It just seems that since Hazel has been born he has changed SO much and has become such a big boy and it honestly breaks my heart a little cause HE was my baby not so long ago.
Ozzie turned 3 in September, yes, that was almost 3 months ago, i know. but i'm blogging about it today. The weather on his birthday was predicted to be amazing so we planned for an outdoor end of the summer BBQ/party with friends at henderson. It was an amazing night, 30 degrees on Sept 10, NEVER happened in saskatoon let me tell ya. Ozzie wanted to have a Spiderman party, so i obliged of course. It was really fun, and we rented a train astrojump that was a huge hit for all of the kids! On the menu: BBQ deluxe with daddy's special chicken, hotdogs and terriaki chicken pineapple skewers and lots of yummy salads! Ozzie ate mostly vegetables as per usual. I just cant get over how well this child eats, and how MUCH he eats. it is insane.
He did however make me happy and partook of his first birthday cupcake ever! I made the coolest spiderman cucpcakes and he just had to try them. I would show a picture of them, but i got distracted by something just when i was going to take one, and then never remembered to do it later:( but they were awesome!
Ozzie got spioled with gifts, lots of cool new puzzles which his is totally into these days, a new red firetruck that shoots water, an insane green gun that he loves but drives me crazy, and lots of other great things! All in all it was a great day with friends for my big boy!
Potty Time
I contemplated whether or not to potty train ozzie before or after Hazel was born. Boy am i glad i waited until after. Ozzie had it in his mind that when he turned 3 he was a big boy, and was going to use the potty. So even though he was ready earlier than that, i thought i might as well wait till that day arrived and then get rid of the diapers completely and go from there.
So we did the Potty Boot camp right after his birthday and it worked amazingly well! Every day i thought to myself, "could it possibly be THIS easy?" He was peeing like a champ on day one, no prob, he even poo'd on the first day and was SO proud of himself! We hit a bit of a wall a few days later with the number 2 buisiness, but he figured it all out after i bribed him with a new ninja turtles movie! Every night i put him in pull ups because that's what i did with greta, but he never not once, pee'd at night. Dry every morning. i was shocked! So now he's rockin the undies, and has yet to have even one accident, go Ozzie!
Life at home
Since Greta started kindergarten ozzie has really wanted to go to school as well. I did Joy school with greta at 3 but i have had a difficult time getting enough time or energy to pull anything together for ozzie this year. He has been taking gymnastics with ben and briggs which has been so good for him and fun, so he has his own special class. and every day he asks, "Mommy is it gymnastics today?" He really loves it, and is getting more brave and some of the scarier stuff like balance beam and jumping of the high level into the foam pit! its his last class this week so i should take some pics i guess.
Ozzie loves coloring i think because Greta does. He's actually staying in the lines better and not scribbling so much and always asks me what letter "Batman" starts with. I say "B" and then he keeps coloring.
He has started playing pretend with his "Guys" as he calls them. Like batman, spiderman, or any other toy guy that can stand up on its own. its really cute to see him use his imagination, he can play for a whole hour sometimes by himself, which is really nice:)
And i know i already mentioned this, but Ozzie can out eat pretty much anyone in the family. His favorites these days, are cantalope and honeydew, toast with butter, "bunny carrots" which are just any big carrot, meat sticks, boiled eggs( whites only), and hawaiian haystacks. when he is a teenager, i am in big trouble.
Mama's boy
This is actually an understatement. I'm not sure if it's because he's not the baby anymore, or separation anxiety or something? but Ozzie wants to be with me ALL the time. He wants me to put on his clothes, turn on the light, find his blankies etc etc, when normally he would do all of these things on his own. i roll with it most of the time just to not cause drama. But it has gotten so bad that i had to come home one night from something becaus ehe would not let Dick put him to bed and was bawling his eyes out. I get frustrated by it at times, but i looks at it this way, he wont always need me SO much or want me SO much, and so i better enjoy my time with my little guy while i can.
Ozzie and I have a special bond, not sure what it is? maybe its our oversized alien heads, but i am so greatful for this boy. He is so sweet, and kind, and always the first to appologise, and says the cutest things that you want to kiss his face off. and at other times so stubborn, and determined to get his way that you want to do the opposite... whatever that is.
also, he has got his daddys natural hair curl, and deep brown eyes and it is the cutest thing of my life! gonna break some hearts some day for sure. love you Oz man!


  1. your family is adorable! Who took your family pics? 'cause I love them!

  2. Such a cute tribute to Ozzie. And I'm totally jealous of his curls. Maybe my 3rd baby will come out with dark curly hair? :) And I agree, your family pics are AWESOME (as usual)!

  3. happy birthday Ozzie! He sure does look like a big boy now!

  4. "late late late. forgetful forgetful. tired tired." Um, did you just read my mind?? And the thought of going to the gym kind of makes me want to cry because I'm SO out of shape. Ozzie, is such a cutie, I love his spread eagle underwear pose. Looks like his birthday was awesome, you couldn't go wrong with a bouncy castle! Your family pics are all beautiful too!

  5. Adorable is all I can say about Ozzie, love all the pics, he is too cute!

    I think it might be that time for potty boot camp for Nixon too and I hope it works as well with Ozzie as Nixon. So jealous he doesn't need pullups at night, so NICE for you!

  6. Cute post. I tell myself the same thing about how Wheeler wont always want me SO much, and to enjoy it while I can. Mama's boys are the best! Congrats on the potty training that is awesome. Happy birthday Ozzie!

  7. your baby boy is so grown up! love the shot of him belly flopping into the leaves. so cute.