Sunday, August 19, 2012

as promised...

i'm back. amazing, i know. But i wanted to write down some things about life and our summer before i have to pack up the computer and MOVE! yup. i said move. I can't even believe how things have transpired over the past few months. and as things usually work for us, it happend in a whirlwind and i look back and think, what on earth?? but FYI this is pretty boring stuff, i just wanted to document things.

So, to keep it brief. Dick had been getting antsy at work, and was seriously contemplating going back to school to specialize. He had talked about this many times, but never really pursued it much further than talk. As soon as he mentioned it, i felt a pit in my stomach. like i knew it wasnt the right thing. But I have learned sometimes its best to just keep quiet and let him run through the process of figuring things out on his own first, before i open my big mouth. So anyways, after talking with numerous proffessors, getting his official marks back, talking to a few schools etc. It was still on the fence. He could probably get an interview at most schools, but no guarantees, and who knows if he would get in? a huge gamble any way you look at it.

He was waiting to hear back from a lady at UBC, and she was on holidays, not returning calls and so on. When out of the blue one night, dick was at a YM meeting or something, and i was bored so i jumped on MLS in lethbridge to snoop around. Which i honestly haven't  done since we moved here 2.5 years ago.
As i'm looking, prices are getting too high, and i'm not interested in anything, but then i saw the address of a house in sunset acres. which is kind of where dick and i had talked about ending up someday, if we stayed in lethbridge. Its an older area of lethbridge that used to be considered out of town on the westside, but it is gradually becoming part of the main new development over here by the new highschool/church etc. The name says it all, basically they are 1 acre lots with older homes on them, about 15 or so in the neighborhood.

So i looked at the pictures and was intrigued, i showed dick when he got home and he said we should go check it out. Just out of curiosity. My mom was out of town, so i called my brother (another fabulous lethbridge realtor:) and asked if he could line something up. Turns out it was just listed 2 days before i saw the mls listing. So we went out to look at it with the kids for FHE, and it was really nice. older  bungalow style home, but beautiful land. The prettiest trees and landscaping, 35 years of growth. tons of room for a garden, play area, etc. Still, i wasn't even considering that we would even make an offer. just snooping.

That night the tables start to turn, we talk about the options, possibilities, long term benefits and so on. But i knew that this property would not last on the market very long. Larger lots on the west side are hard to find, and the value of homes in that location is quite high with all the new development and city plans. Plus there had already been multiple showings in just a few days. So we talked to the bank, and headed out to look again. this time checking things over carefully. by tuesday night, we knew that if we were serious about this we should make an offer.   We did, they countered, we countered back. SOLD!

Just to clarify: house listed on friday, saw it on MLS sunday, looked at it on mon/tues, bought it on wed.
What??? This will be the 5th property we have owned and i'm certain none of the deals were that crazy fast!! and i guess to say the least, our prayers were answered about going back to school. Things literally fell into place.
 I'll admit i was/am a bit scared of the fact that this could be our house for potentially the rest of our lives, and that we are going to be on an "acreage" with not many people around,  we are moving from a new home to an old one, and we have to leave our fabulous ward. But mostly i'm super excited for the change. A chance to renovate and then one day really gut it and make it our own. To have trees, and lots of them. privacy, a garden space, a hottub(bonus!), lots of storage, and wood burning fireplace and the list goes on.

the best partÉ sorry, i must have hit a weird button. but the best part is we dont have to sell our current house right now. we have great tenants lined up to rent it out. and we have 2 years to contemplate what we want to do with this house. phewf!

So come August 31 we will have our new keys, and start ripping out nasty cat carpets(haha) and are shooting to be in the new house by Sept. 14:)  hopefully:)

Here she is.  #2 Sunset Lane. ill post more pics when we get in there. woo hoo!


  1. WOW! You guys have been busy! The new place looks great, I'm glad everything fell into place. We need another girls night soon to catch up...

  2. How exciting! It's always fun when things just work out so perfectly! I can't wait to have my "forever" house... or even just a house in general! (sigh) maybe one day.

  3. crazy! i still can't believe you are moving :( it's pretty sad!!!!!! but exciting for you!

  4. krystyn! that is crazy exciting!! i'm super happy for you guys, and also a teensy bit jealous. sounds like the perfect set up, lots of room, but not too far away from anything. good luck on the renos, they suck!